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To Become an EBC Ride Leader

Last updated:  June 14, 2019


The Elmhurst Bicycle Club takes great pride in the both the amount of experienced ride leaders it has, and in the way in which the club can bring a rider up from novice to Ride Leader over time, if the rider puts in the effort to do so.
It is a draw to our club in both knowing that you, as a rider, will have many riders to mentor you, and in the fact that you may progress if desired to a point of honored responsibility and creativity within our club.

Do the following required steps:

  1. Study and understand:  Rider Responsibilities, including the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road.
  2. Study and understand:  EBC's Ride Leader Responsibilities.
  3. Only after you have done so, then contact our club's Ride Captain, letting him/her know that you want to become a Ride Leader.  Here is the email link:
  4. The Ride Captain will then contact you back to set up a Ride Leader training session.  After you have successfully completed the training, he/she will create an entry for you on the Ride Leader List page.  Check for it. You will not be enabled until that entry is present.
  5. After completing all of the steps above, you are free to enter a ride or event on our Ride & Event Calendar, and to lead that event as an EBC Ride Leader.  Congratulations!  :-)

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