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 last updated: Dec. 27, 2018   


The Elmhurst Bicycling Club, being one of the larger and most active bike clubs, has the gravitas to have successfully influenced government policy, state, county and village planning, as well as local governance on issues related to bicycling, hiking, walking and other healthy activities.

This page shows some of what we are involved with, some of what we have accomplished, and a brief introduction to those who forge ahead tirelessly while wearing the mantle of bicycling advocate.

Live Advocacy WeB Log (Blog)

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Our Coordinators

Kim Messina - Advocacy Co-chair

Kim Messina  Club member for many years.  Currently also serving as club Secretary.

Armaline Mirretti - Advocacy Co-chair

Armaline Mirretti Club member for many years. Currently also serving as Awards & Club Attire Co-chair.


Bob Hoel - Advocate Emeritus

Bob Hoel  Club Advocate Chairperson for many years.  
Still contributing heavily on the advocacy scene.


Annual Innitiatives

Bike-to-Work Week

Every Spring, in coordination with the Active Transportation Alliance and the DuPage County Trail Development, the Club has rallied at the Elmhurst and other city Metra train stations to encourage people to bike to their local Metra station rather than drive a car. "Goodie bags" are distributed to those demonstrating that they have biked in. The bag contents change every year, usually including maps and other bicycle related materials.


 Bike-to-Metra Volunteers  Bike-to-Work-Week volunteers.

Impaired Vision Stoker Rides

Members of Elmhurst Bicycle Club and the Chicago Area Tandem Society team up with WDSRA (Western DuPage Special Recreation Association), NEDSRA, and SEASPAR to provide tandem bicycle outings for visually impaired riders. At the start, they adjust the tandems and helmets for proper fit.

The routes vary for each ride and include the Illinois Prairie Path, the Great Western Trail, and the Morton Arboretum.

Blind Stoker Ride  Impaired-vision stoker ride.


IL Prairie Path Cleanup Initiative


Thanks to the initiative of Betty Bond, Marge Ricke and Baltimore Ortega, the Elmhurst Bicycle Club has made a commitment to keep a section of the Illinois Prairie Path clean. The adopted 1.1 mile stretch runs from Monterey Avenue in Villa Park east to Pioneer Park in Elmhurst. Regular clean up projects will be scheduled as needed. Thanks to the members who participated in the first clean up on April 11, 2015, many of which are shown in the photo below.

Adopt-a-Trail Sign  Path Cleanup
 Adopt-a-Trail cleanup by EBC volunteers.

Project Mobility


Project Mobility is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that builds specialized bicycles for Children and Wounded Warriors with physical disabilities.
Their professional staff works with families, rehabilitative professionals, and organizations to promote better health, independence, and most of all the freedom of mobility that comes from riding bicycles . Hal Honeyman heads the Organization and also owns The Bike Rack which is an EBC Sponsor.
EBC has supported Project Mobility for years, helping them fund the building of bikes for physically challenged children.
In 2015 we raised $6500 that was matched by Project Mobility and we were able to get bikes for six children.  Read about that event and see photos here:  EBC 2015 Project Mobility Donations Presentations

Let's do this again!
EBC will match donations up to $1000.00.
100% of all money donated will go to buy a specially adapted bikes for children with disabilities. We will present those bikes to the children at an EBC meeting early in 2019. 
You may donate by clicking the donate button below:
Donate to Project Mobility

What Can You Do?

  • Attend meetings and events to show your support for bicycling.
  • Watch for email list server messages for specific action information.
  • Find your Legislators and their contact information.
  • Contact your legislators about current cycling issues.
  • Join groups that participate in advocacy activities. 

Annual EBC Donation Archive

(Under construction)

  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015
    • Project Mobility Donations Presentations  EBC donated $2,500 and club members donated and raised an additional $4,000. Project Mobility matched the EBC effort with another $6,500. These funds provided six physically challenged children with adaptive bikes or trikes.
  • 2014
    • $500 League of Illinois Bicyclists
      $250 League of American Bicyclists
      $500 Active Transportation Alliance
      $500 CAMBr
  • 2013
    • $500 League of American Bicyclists
      $500 Illinois Prairie Path
      $500 Active Transportation Alliance
      $500 CAMBr
      $170 Lekotek
  • 2012
    • $1,217 Lekotek
      $500 League of American Bicyclists
      $500 Illinois Prairie Path
      $500 CAMBr
  • 2011
    • $2,500 Project Mobility
  • 2010
    • $1,800 Project Mobility
      $100 League of Illinois Bicyclists
      $100 Illinois Trails Conservancy
      $100 Friends of the Cal-Sag Trail
  • 2009
    • $2,500 League of Illinois Bicyclists
      $1,000 League of American Bicyclists
      $1,000 Active Transportation Alliance
      $1,000 CAMBr
  • 2008
    • $2,000 League of Illinois Bicyclists
      $1,000 League of American Bicyclists
      $1,000 Active Transportation Alliance
      $1,000 CAMBr
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