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HomeElection Central - 2021

Election Central - 2021

This page last updated:  Nov. 24, 2020   
For updates & corrections, email:

Directives from EBC Constitution

 (*Admins*:  Please make a copy of this page at each year-end and update to current year and election candidates.)

This page is mandated by the EBC Constitution Articles on Elections (synopsis follows):

  • Actual election is active from Nov. 21 through Nov. 30.
  • Voters have to be logged in members, but answers are set up to be anonymous. i.e. Voting will be confidential and no one, including the Webmaster, will know how any individual member voted.
  • Individual memberships get 1 vote.
  • Family memberships get a maximum of 2 votes. Each voter must be 18+ years of age.
  • Each member / login will only be able to vote once.
  • All officers will assume their positions on the following January 1st.

  • Thank you for voting for our EBC Board Officers!
  • Election results will be available on December 1st.
  • Current  status?  Date  Activity  Actions  Members should... 
    Completed  Sept. 1 -  Oct. 31  Nomination Period  Nominations will be submitted to the Webmaster and current President of the Board.  Send in your nominations, if applicable. Nominate yourself, not others as we want members who really want these positions to run. They are a lot of work and no one should be coerced into them.  Send nominations to both of the following addresses:  & .
    Completed  Nov. 1  Final ballot published.  The final ballot will be broadcast by email and on this page on Nov. 1st.  Look for the final ballot!
    Live right now!
     Nov. 21 - Nov. 30   Open voting  All eligible members will be allowed to vote one, single time.  Vote!
    Soon Dec. 1  Results published  Webmaster publishes results to entire club.  Look for results in your email. Congratulate incoming officers, and thank outgoing officers.
    Soon  Jan. 1  Elected take office.  All officers will assume their positions on the first day of the calendar year.  Please welcome and assist the new officers. Please thank outgoing officers for their service.

Candidates for this Election (final)

  • President
    • George Pastorino
  • Ride Captain / Vice President
    • Ron Richards
  • Secretary
    • Kim Messina
  • Treasurer
    • Evelyn Struck
  • Membership & E-mail Coordinator
    • Shelly Hicks

Okay, Vote   (live now, through Nov. 30th)

EBC Board voting will be enabled each Nov. 21  to  Nov. 30.   Before that time, a test ballot may be in place of the real, live, election ballot.

       Vote Here! (live now through Nov. 30th) 

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