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The Ride with GPS (RWGPS) Club Membership is an EBC membership benefit available to all current club members. This benefit is the equivalent to a paid Premium membership in RWGPS with all the benefits of such.
The Club account works much like a regular account, except it can be used by multiple people to administer routes for the Elmhurst Bicycling Club. It has its own list of routes, events, and can be used to plan new routes.

Here are the paid features you gain without any additional cost to you:
Turn-by-turn navigation on the mobile app
Offline maps on the mobile app
Estimated Time
Advanced Turn Notifications
Print PDF Maps & Cue sheets

How do members sign up to use the Ride with GPS club membership?

• Before doing anything, send Petra Hofmann ( a request to join RWGPS as an EBC member.

• In return she will send you a link that you will use to access the RWGPS website.

• After clicking on that link you will see an enrollment dialog box requesting your full name, username name, password, and email address.

• Once that is completed a new page will open - the RWGPS home page with your profile in the upper left and an EBC club icon near the bottom left of the page.

• You are able to use RWGPS in lite mode. To use the club pages click on the club icon which in turn opens the Elmhurst Bicycle Club home page.

• If you've followed these instructions you will see, under the photograph, a line stating 'You are a member of this page.'

• There is a Help Link at the top of the page for ALL the video tutorials which will guide you through using RWGPS.

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