To Brookfield revised - 33 Miles -

Submitted by Jeff Wincentsen

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Panera Bread    North Ave. & York    Elmhurst  MapQuest Map
Turn On
R W Hahn St
L S Addison Ave (becomes Cottage Hill Ave)
  Cross RR tracks
R W Church St (becomes Elm Park Ave)
L S Hagans Ave (becomes Spring Rd)
  Cross St Charles Rd
R W Eggleston Ave.
L S Berkley Avenue
R W Randolph Street
R W Prairie Path
L S Monterey Ave
L E Park Blvd
R S Riverside Drive
R W Highland Ave
L S Ardmore Ave
  Cross Roosevelt Road (Route 38)
S S Paved trail at far south end of Ardmore
L E Paved trail turns L along Butterfield Road
R S Midwest Rd / Summit Ave (Busy!)
  Cross Butterfield Rd / 22nd St / I-88
L E Enter paved trail at intersection of Baybrook Lane
Turn On
R S Exit trail to Kingston Drive at first opportunity
L E Kingston Drive
R S Regent Drive
  Cross 31st St / Oak Brook Rd
S S St Paschals Dr.
R W 35th Street
L S Oakwood Drive
R SW Blackhawk Drive
  Cross Ogden Ave / Chicago Ave
L E Algonquin Rd
R S Indian Dr
L E Burlington Ave
S E Cross Route 83 via overpass
R S Stough St
  Cross RR tracks
L W Hinsdale Ave
R S Washington Street
L E Rest stop:  Starbucks @ Washington & Hinsdale
E Hinsdale Ave (becomes Chicago Ave / 47th Street)
  Cross I-294 via overpass
L N Central Ave
R NE Burlington Ave
L N Grand Ave
Page 2
Turn On
  Cross RR tracks
R NE Hillgrove Ave.
  Cross Wolf Road, Willow Springs Road (Gilbert Ave)
L N Brainard Ave
  Cross Ogden Ave
L W Richmond Ave
R N Edgewood Ave
R E Harding Ave (becomes Washington Ave)
R SE Around traffic circle in downtown Brookfield
R E Exit traffic cirle on Washington Ave
L N Golf Road
L W Arrive:  Brookfield Zoo
  Return to Elmhurst:
R S Golf Road
R W Washington Ave
R N Prairie Ave
  Cross 31st Street 
L W 30th Street
R N Maple Ave
L W Salt Creek Bike Trail
L W Cross Mannheim Road at Cermak / 22nd
S W Exit trail via sidewalk along Cermak
R N Cross Cermak to Jewel Market parking lot
L W Exit parking lot to Dorchester
Turn On
R N Bellview Ave
L W Canterbury Ave
R N Heidorn Ave
L W Dickens Street
S W Cross Wolf Road to Queen of Heaven Cemetery *
R N Head N to Roosevelt Rd thru cemetary
  Cross Roosevelt Rd
N N Enter Mount Carmel Cemetery
  Cross Harrison Street
N N Hillside Ave
L NW Darmstadt Road
L SW Butterfield Road
R N Stratford Ave
L W Madison Street
  Cross York Street
R N Spring Road (becomes Hagans Ave)
  Cross St Charles Rd
R E Elm Park Ave
L N  Prospect Ave (becomes Maple Ave)
  Cross RR tracks
R E 3rd St
L N Addison Ave
R E Hahn St
  Arrive:  Panera Bread in Elmhurst