To Westmont revised - 29 Miles -

Submitted by Jeff Wincentsen

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Panera Bread    North Ave. & York    Elmhurst  MapQuest Map
Turn On
W Hahn St
L S Addison Ave
  Cross RR tracks
R W Park Ave
L S Myrtle Ave
R W Alexander Blvd
L S  West Ave
   Cross St Charles Rd
  Take IPP W to cross over Rt 83
R N  Monterey
L W  Wildwood
L S Villa
R W  Kennilworth Ave
L S Summit Ave
  Cross Roosevelt Rd
L E Morningside Dr
R S  Buttercup Ln
L NE  Southlane Dr
R S  Myrtle Ave (becomes MacArthur Dr)
  Cross Butterfield Rd
L E Stillwell Rd
L NE  Leahy Rd
R E  Hodges Rd
Turn On
R S Cut thru Mid American Plaza parking lot and head W to REI
L S Cross 22nd St to CostCo parking lot from REI
Cont W Thru CostCo / Nordstrom Rack Store parking lots to Midwest Rd
L S Midwest Rd
  Cross I-88 via overpass
R W Baybrook Ln
L S Baybrook Ln
L S Oakbrook Hills Rd
R W  31 St / Oak Brook Rd (Busy st !) (use bike path)
L S Meyers Rd (use bike path)
L E  35th St
R S Saddle Brook Dr
R W Hambletonian Dr (becomes Florence Ave)
R W 38th St
  Cross Fairview Ave / Meyers Rd
L S Douglas Rd
L E 41st St
R S Fairview Ave
R W Sherman St
Page 2
Turn On
L S  Douglas Rd
L E Grant St
  Cross Fairview Ave / Meyers Rd
R S Washington St
  Cross Napervill Rd
L E Burlington Ave
  Cross Cass Ave
L N  Hiawatha Dr
R E  Algonquin Rd
L N  Blackhawk Dr
  Cross Ogden Ave
  Rest Stop:  Wendy's at Blackhawk and Ogden
  Return to Elmhurst
N Blackhawk Dr
L N Oakwood Dr
L W 35th St
R N Trinity Ln
L N Trinity Rd (becomes Concord Dr)
  Cross 31st St
L W Mockingbird Ln
R N Camelot Dr
L N  Regent Dr
R E Kingston Dr (use bike path)
E On bike path heading S, E, S, cross reservior, E
  Cross Jorie Blvd via tunnel
N On bike path at McDonalds University
N Jorie Blvd
  Cross 22nd St
L W On bike path on N side of 22nd St
Turn On
R N McDonalds Dr
L W Commerce Dr
  Enter Oakbrook Center Mall and head N, W, N 
  Cross 16th St
  Cut thru parking lots past MB Fin Bank to Frontage Rd of Roosevelt (head N and E)
L N Spring Rd
R E Frontage Rd of Roosevelt (becomes Timber Edge Dr) (then becomes Harger Rd)
L E Harger Rd
L N  York Rd
  Cross Roosevelt Rd
L W Brush Hill Rd
  Take Elmhurst Hospital trail W to Filmore St
Cont W Filmore St
R N Euclid Ave
  Cross Butterfield Rd
L NW Meister Ave
L W Vallette St
R N Spring Rd (becomes Hagans Ave)
  Cross St Charles Rd
R E Elm Park Ave
L N Prospect Ave (becomes Maple Ave)
  Cross RR tracks
R E 3rd St
L N  Addison St
R E  Hahn St
  Arrive Panera Bread at SW corner of North and York Rd