To West Chicago - 37 Miles -

Submitted by Jeff Wincentsen

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Panera Bread    North Ave. & York    Elmhurst  MapQuest Map
Turn On
W Hahn St
L S Addison Ave
  Cross RR tracks
R W Park Ave
L S Myrtle Ave
R W Alexander Blvd
L S  West Ave
   Cross St Charles Rd
  Take IPP W to cross over Rt 83
L N Monterey
L W  Wildwood
L S Villa
R W  Kennilworth Ave
L S Ardmore Ave
R W  School St (becomes Maple St)
  Cross Westmore Rd / Main St
R N  Finley
  Cross RR tracks
L W  Crescent Blvd
  Cross Rt 53 & I-355 via overpass
R N  Park Blvd
L W  Pennsylvania Ave (becomse College Ave)
  Cross President St
Turn On
L S Scott St
R W Wesley St
  Cross Main St / RR tracks via bridge
R  NW Manchester Rd (busy st, keep R ! )
  Cross County Farm Rd
R N  East St
L W  Sunnyside Ave
  Optional Rest Stop
@ East St and Sunnyside Ave
R N  Church St
L W  Chicago Ave
R N  Winfield Rd
L W  High Lake Rd (busy st, keep R ! )
R N  Morningside Ave
L W  Main St
R N  Lake Dr
R E Main St
L N Indian Knoll Rd
  Cross Geneva Rd 
L W  Hawthorne Ln
L S Prince Crossing Rd
(Busy ! Use path along Prince Crosssing)
  Cross Geneva Rd 
R W Main St
Page 2
Turn On
  Rest Stop:  McDonald's
@ SE corner of Main St and Rt 59.
  Return to Elmhurst
R E Main St
R S  Prince Crossing Rd (becomes High Lake heading E)
Busy st ! Keep R !
R S Winfield Rd 
L E Beecher Ave
R S Church St
L E Sunnyside Ave
R S East St
L E Manchester Rd (busy st, keep R ! )
  Cross County Farm Rd
R S Erie Ave
L E Childs St (becomes Illinios St)
  Cross Main St / President St
L N Brandon Ave
R E Greenfield Ave
L N Glenwood Ave
  Cross Hill Ave
R E Phillips St
L N Prospect Ave
Turn On
  Cross RR tracks
R E Crescent Blvd
  Optional Starbucks Rest Stop
on Crescent Blvd
E Crescent Blvd
  Cross I-355 / Rt 53 via overpass
  Cross Finley Rd
R E  St Charles Rd
L N Grace St
R E Greenfield Ave
L N Edgewood Ave
R E Pleasant Ln
L N Westmore Ave
R E Vermont St
  Cross Addison Ave / Ardmore Ave
L N Villa Ave
R E  North Ave  (Busy, stay right !)
  Cross Rt 83
R S  Glade Ave
L E 3rd St
L N  Addison Ave
R E Hahn St
End Arrive Panera Bread