To Meacham Grove Forest Preserve revised - 40? Miles -

Submitted by Jeff Wincentsen

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Panera Bread    North Ave. & York    Elmhurst  MapQuest Map
Turn On
W Hahn St
L S Addison Ave
  Cross RR tracks
R W Church St (becomes Elm Park Ave)
L S West Ave
  Cross St Charles Rd
R W Illinois Prairie Path
  Cross Rt 83 via overpass
R N  Monterey Ave
L W Wildwood Ave
L S Villa Ave
R W Great Western Trail 
  Cross Addison Road / Grace St / Main St / I-355 
R N Swift Rd
  Cross North Ave / Army Trail Road
L W Stone Ave
L S Edwards Dr.
R W Sidewalk Sneak to side trail along Army Trail Road
R N Walter Drive
L W Byron Ave
R N Glen Ellyn Road
R E Deer Glen Way
L N Willowridge Way
Turn On
R NE Golfview Court
N Straight Enter paved path
N Continue on path slightly more than 1/2 mile
R E Erie Circle
L N Medinah Road
  Cross Lake St
L W Left Unamed Road (driveway) at bottom of hill
R N Paved path into Spring Creek Reservoir FP
  Right or Left around paved path
Rest Stop: Washrooms and water are to left at parking lot
SW Right or Left (depending on direction) paved path at Southwest corner of Forest Preserve
R W Right paved path
  Cross Lakeview Drive
R N Sharp right crossing trail bridge
N Exit trail to Pleasant Ave.
L W Spring Valley Drive
W Enter unpaved path leading into Meacham Grove FP
  Loop around Meacham Grove FP
W Take trail leading West toward Roselle/Bloomingdale Road, over trail bridge
Page 2
Turn On
L S Exit trail at Rosedale Ave.
S Side trail along Rosedale Ave.
R NW Side trail along Lake Street
S Continue across Trail bridge over Lake Street
L S Williams Way
L SE Scenic Drive
L E Royal Court
L E Left Sidewalk sneak between townhouses
SE Straight onto Oak Street
L NE Maple Court
L E Left Sidewalk Sneak
L N Left Paved path at end of sidewalk sneak
E Straight through parking lot, exiting to 3rd Street
R S 3rd St
L E Schick Rd(Caution, difficult Left turn)
R S Fairfield Way
L E Paved path roughly across from Hingham Lane
R SE At 3-way trail intersection
R Across trail bridge
SE Straight through parking lot, resume trail
SE Cross Lakeview Lane
L E Paved Path (heads SE) into West Lake Park
S Trail exits past parking lot to Edgewater Drive
L E Edgewater Drive
L NE Glen Ellyn Road
Turn On
R E Byron Ave.
R S Walter Drive
L SE Unpaved side trail along Army Trail
SE Sidewalk Sneak to Edwards Drive
L N Edwards Dr.
R E Stone Ave
R S Swift Rd
  Cross Army Trail Rd
L E Fullerton Ave
  Cross I-355 and Rt 53 via underpass
L N La Londe Ave
R W Lake Park Dr
R S Hale St
L W Fullerton Ave
  Cross Addison Rd
L S Harvard Ave
L W  Armitage Ave
R S Yale Ave
L W Wildfire Dr
R S Ardmore Ave
  Cross North Ave
L E Hill St
L N  Villa Ave
R E North Ave
  Cross Rt 83
R S Glade Ave
L E Third St
L N Addison Ave
R E  Hahn St
End Arrive Panera Bread (North and York)