McCollum Park to Bolingbrook - 20 Miles -

Submitted by Carol Nield

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at McCollum Park Downers Grove 67th and Main St     MapQuest Map
Turn On Cum.
L 67th St. 0.5
L Dunham 0.7
R Concord 1.6
L Woodward 1.6 5
R Providence 1.8
R 71st 2.2 
Cross Janes, 71st becomes Danbury
L Concord 2.5
Cross Carlton  
L jog onto bike path 2.7
Cont Bike Path(BP)  
L under Woodridge on BP
cont south on BP 3.4
Cross 75th St. 3.5
R Woodview 3.7
R Crabtree 3.9
L Westview 4.4
L Edgewood Pkwy 4.5
R Leawood 4.8
Turn On Cum.
Cross 83rd 5.9
Strt Ashbury  
R Charlston 6.5
Strt Winston  
R Pamela 6.8
Walk bike across grass & Rte 53 6.85
Strt Royce  
L Concord 6.9
R DuPage River parking lot
Cont Bike path to trout farm 8.1
  Return to pkg lot via BP 9.4
L Concord 9.41
R Royce  
Cross Rte 53 and grass
Strt Pamela 9.75
L Winston 10.55
Strt Charlston  
L Pinecrest 11.25
Strt Mending Wall 11.65


Page 2
Turn On Cum.
R 83rd St 13.0
Alt.: BP on north side of 83rd
from Mendingwall to Janes
cross Janes  
Use BP on south side of 83rd
Cont East on 83rd St
R Beller 13.8
L Parkview 14.1
R 83rd St 14.45
R Main 14.6
L Central  
R Washington 15.0
Brookeridge Airstrip area
L 86th St 15.3
Walk bike thru barricade
R next street 15.5
L Immediately after runway 15.9
L Kearney/Creekside 16.1
cont Past Millbrook Ln  
R 83rd St 16.25


Turn On Cum.
L Cumnor 16.7
R Plainfield 16.8
L Manning/Lakeside 16.85
R Queens Ct 16.9
R Rohrer 17.05
R Marie 17.2
L Nottingham 17.5
R Elizabeth 17.6
L Williams 18.4
Cross 75th St  
Williams becomes Exner
L Darien Club 19.1
Cross Fairview  
Strt Buckingham  
R Grand 19.3
L 68th St 19.5
R Fairmont 19.7
L 67th back to start 20
at Blackstone enter BP
on south side of 67th