Madison to Stoughton (Wisconsin) - 36.6 Miles -

Submitted by Larry Gitchell

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Olin - Turville Park in Madison, WI.     Yahoo! Map
Turn On Cum.
L Exit Parking area on bike Trail 0.0
R Rimrock Road 0.4
L Oregon Road (County MM) 1.8
L Capital City Trail at Clayton Road 2.2
R Exit trail to Larsen Road 3.0
S Larsen becomes Goodland Park Road at stop sign 4.2
L Goodland Park Road 4.3
R Lalor Road (Rustic Road R 19) 4.5
L County Road 'B' 6.81
R Sand Hill Road 7.9
L Schneider Drive 8.4
R Hawkinson Road (Syttende Mai Beer Stop) 9.9
L Rutland - Dunn [Town Line] Road 12.4
S Joins Lake Kogonsa Road at stop sign 12.9
R Rutland - Dunn [Town Line] Road 13.2
Turn On Cum.
R Starr School Road 13.75
L Hwy 138 (Caution - Traffic!) 14.7
R Veek Road (sign is on left) 15.75
L McComb Road 15.76
R Hoel Ave. (sign way to left) 16.0
L Pleasant View Drive 16.1
L W South Street 16.4
L/R South St. Jogs at Van Buren 16.9
L S Page Street 17.3
R W Jefferson Street (sidewalk to alley to foot bridge) 17.4
L 4th Street 17.7
L Main St. 17.8
You are now in Stoughton!
From Main Street downtown:
R N Page Street 18.0
L County Hwy 'B' (Busy) 19.7
R Country Club Road 20.6
L Giehler Dr. 21.0
R S Brooklyn Dr. 21.4
Page 2
Turn On Cum.
L Brooklyn Dr. 21.7
R S Quam Dr. 22
L Quam Dr. (very twisty) 22.1
R Barber Dr. (Mobile Station at Corner.) 22.6
L Schneider Dr. (Sign on opposite side of Route 51. Barber becomes Colladay Point here) 23.80
R Hawkinson Road 25.6
L County Road 'B' 26.2
R Lalor Road 28.75
L Goodland Park Road 31.1
S Goodland Park becomes Larsen Rd. at intersection 31.4
R Capital City Trail at Clayton Road 32.6
Water, Restrooms at Lussier Family Heritage Center 33.80
L Trail Intersection [Waunona Way] 35.75
R Olin-Turville Park 36.6