Around Lake Mendota in Madison, WI - 31.7 Miles -

Submitted by Larry Gitchell

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Hampton Inn West, 516 Grand Canyon Dr., Madison, WI 53719      MapQuest Map
Turn On Cum.
L Exit parking lot to Grand Canyon Drive 0.1
L Yellowstone Dr. 0.7
R Blue Ridge Parkway 1.2
R Old Sauk Road 1.6
R Old Middleton Road 2.2
L Enter Black Hawk bike path at Eau Claire Av. 3.0
L Exit bike path onto Locust Dr. 3.6
L Bear Left at stop sign and continue along Locust Dr. 3.7
L Shorewood Blvd. 4.1
R Harvard Dr. 4.2
L University Bay Drive 4.6
Around Lake Mendota Route begins:
Enter Bike Trail at Picnic Point parking lot (Lot 129) 5.4
Follow trail along lake - detour may be required!
R Exit Trail to North Park Street 7.2
Turn On Cum.
L Langdon Street - rest stop at Memorial Union 7.3
R Wisconsin Ave. 7.9
L Gilman Street 8.0
R Butler Street 8.2
L Johnson St. (Left-handed bike lane) 8.3
L Brearly St. 9.0
R Sherman Ave. 9.1
L Warner Dr. @ Harbort/McGuire 10.25
L Old Shore Rd. 10.4
R Bayside Dr. 10.5
L Lakewood Blvd. 10.6
L Farwell Dr. (twisty) 11.3
L Farwell Dr. bears left 12.1
S Farwell becomes Woodward Ave. 12.6
R Harper Road (Sharp turn on a downhill) 13.7
L Troy Dr. (Becomes Greene Ave.) 14.0
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Turn On Cum.
L Sauthoff Rd. 14.6
R Heffernan Dr. (becomes Beilfuss Rd.) 14.7
L Green Ave. 15.1
L Westport Rd. 15.2
L County Hwy. 'M' 16.0
Mobile Station @ Blue Bill Dr. (Rest) 16.2
R Oncken Rd. By Gov. Nelson SP 18.45
L County Hwy. 'Q' T-intersection, no sign 20.0
R Balzer Rd. 20.2
L Pheasant Branch Road (Hilly) 21.2
Pheasant Branch Conservancy parking lot - regroup spot 22.6
(Hill bypass:
Left at Pheasant Branch trail parking lot.
Left on Century Ave. (Hwy 'M'))
about 22.2
L Frank Lloyd Wright Ave. 23.3
L Century Ave. (Cty Hwy. 'M') 23.4
R Allen Blvd. 24.0
L/R Cross to side trail on left at Mendota Ave. 24.6
Turn On Cum.
L University Ave. Trail on N. Side 25.0
L Baker Ave. 25.4
R Lake Mendota Dr. 25.6
R Merrill Springs Rd. 26.6
S Bike Path in park (Indian Hills B.P.) 26.9
L Path under big bridge 27.0
L Black Hawk Bike Path at T-intersection 27.1
L Exit to Locust Drive 27.6
R Rose Place (stop sign at Border's Books) 27.7
R Hilldale Shopping Center 27.9
L Price Place (Hilldale's Driveway along the front of the mall) 28.0
R Vernon Blvd. 28.3
L Segoe Road 28.4
R Odana Road 30.20
L Grand Canyon Drive 31.6
R Hampton Inn 31.7