IMAX to Jam n Jelly - 30 Miles -

Submitted by George Hermach

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at IMAX Theater, Woodridge  MapQuest Map
Turn On
  Cross Rt 53 onto Woodridge Dr
R bike path after Hobson Rd
L, R Follow bike path through Castaldo Park and woods south of 71st St
L, L Woodridge Dr
R Janeswood Dr
R Janes Ave
S Center Dr
L Woodridge Dr, cross 75th St
R Forest Glen Pkwy
L Westview Ln
L Parkwood Ln
R Leawood Ln
S cross 83rd, becomes Ashbury Ave
L Charlestowne Dr
L Pinecrest Rd, becomes Mending Wall Dr
R bike path along 83rd St, cross I-355 & Woodward Ave
Turn On
L Meadowwood Ave
  follow bike path to Dunham Rd, continue on Dunham
R parking lot by Kohl�s, cross Lemont Rd at stop light to restaurant
  Rest stop
  cross Lemont Rd at stop light and continue through parking lot
R Dunham Rd, cross 75th St
R through parking lot, crossing Lemont Rd at light
L through parking lot and around and behind north end of buildings
L 73rd St
L Webster St, bends to right
L Lyman Ave
Page 2
Turn On
R Claremont Dr, becomes 71st St, Cross Fairview & Cass Aves (slight jog at Cass)
L Clarendon Hills Rd
R 59th St
L Holmes Ave
BL at five way intersection
R Prospect Ave
L Norfolk Ave, cross Cass
R Washington Ave
L Chicago Ave, cross Fairview & Main St
L Forest Ave
R Gilbert Ave

Turn On
R Curtiss St, cross Belmont Rd
L Walnut Ave
L College Rd
R Elinor Ave
L 59th St
R Jackson Dr, cross under I-355
L Walnut Ln
R 63rd St
R Woodridge Dr, cross Rt 53