To Wayne - 34 Miles -

Submitted by George Hermach

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Herrick Lake FP Parking Lot off Butterfield     Wheaton  MapQuest Map
Turn On Cum.
  Leave Herrick Lake (parking lot off Butterfield)  
R Butterfield Rd (immediately get in center turn lane) 0.1
L Legends Dr into subdivision 0.2
R Legends Dr 0.2
L Seneca Dr 0.5
L Durfee Rd 0.9
R Wiesbrook Rd 1.2
L Stonebridge 1.8
R Creekside Dr 2.1
R Courtenay Dr 2.7
L Westhaven Dr 2.8
R Roosevelt Rd (immediately get in center turn lane) 3.1
L Pierce Ave 3.1
R Lakeside Dr 3.2
L Dorchester Ave 3.4
L Manchester Rd (cross County Farm) 3.9
R East St 5.1
L Sunnyside Ave 5.3
R Church St 5.6
L at railroad tracks 5.8
Turn On Cum.
R Winfield Rd (cross railroad tracks) 5.9
L High Lake Rd 6.0
R Prince Crossing Rd (cross Geneva and North) 7.5
L St Charles Rd 10.1
R Klein Rd 10.4
L Smith Rd (cross Rt 59) 12.4
R Powis Rd 15.1
L Army Trail Rd 16.1
  Arrive at Wayne Country Store 16.4
L Army Trail Rd leaving country store 16.7
R Powis Rd 17.7
L Smith Rd 20.5
R Klein Rd 22.5
L St Charles Rd 22.8
R Prince Crossing Rd (cross North ) 23.6
L Hawthorne, becomes Indian Knoll (cross Geneva) 25.4
R N Main 25.7
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Turn On Cum.
LU Left U turn across Prairie Path onto S Main 25.8
R Morningside 26.2
L High Lake Rd 27.2
R Winfield Rd (cross railroad tracks) 27.4
L Beecher Ave 27.5
R Church St 27.7
L Sunnyside Ave 28.0
R East St 28.2
L Manchester Rd (cross County Farm ) 29.8
R Gables 29.9
L Commerce 30.0
Turn On Cum.
L Liberty Dr 30.2
R Carlton Ave 30.6
R sidewalk on south side of Roosevelt  30.6
L Delles 30.8
R Arbor Ave 31.0
L at Y onto Lyford Ln 31.3
R Aurora Way 31.7
R Foothill Dr (becomes Orchard Rd) 31.9
R Wiesbrook Rd 33.5
L  Butterfield Rd 33.7
R into Herrick Lake 33.8