To Grant Park 57 Miles -

Submitted by Jeff Wincentsen

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Panera Bread    North Ave. & York    Elmhurst  MapQuest Map
Turn On
W Hahn St
L S Addison Ave
  Cross RR tracks
L E Park Ave
R S Poplar Ave
  Cross St Charles Rd
  Cont S under the RR underpass
   Cont S on Poplar Ave
L E Madison St
R S Stratford Ave
L E Adams St
R S High St
L E Butterfield Rd (Stay R ! Busy street.)
  Go under I-88 underpass
R SE Darmstadt Rd
R S Hillside Ave
L E  Harrision St (Beware of bad RR tracks !)
  Cross Wolf Rd 
R S Orchard Ave
L SE Railroad Ave
R S Oakridge Ave
R W Edgewater Ave
  Cont W thru playground
Turn On
  Cont W on Fencl Lane
  Cross Roosevelt Rd
  Cont S on Highridge Pkwy (St name changes)
L E Canterbury St
  Cross Manheim Rd
R S Westchester Blvd
R W Bond St
  Cont SW on path 
R W Crestwood Ln
L S Manheim Rd (Stay on E sidewalk, busy street !)
  Cross Cermak Rd (use light, busy street !)
  Cont S on sidewalk
L E Bemis Woods bike path 
  Cross RR tracks / Kemman Ave / Maple Ave
L N Exit bike path at 9th Ave and 26th St
E 26th St (Stay R, busy street !)
  Cross 1st Ave / Des Plaines Ave
R S Westover Ave
L E Northgate Rd (becomes Selborne Rd)
L NE Longcommon Rd (becomes Riverside Dr)
Page 2
Turn On
  Cross Harlem / 26th St
L N Oak Park Ave (just past East Ave or Ridgeland Ave is an option N)
  Cross 22nd St / Roosevelt Rd / 290 / Washington Blvd 
L W  Lake St
  Cross Harlem Ave
  Rest Stop:  Panera Bread
(At William St and Lake St)
E Lake St
R S Oak Park Ave
L E South Blvd (becomes Corcoran Ave / Lake St)
  Cross Ridgeland Ave / Austin Blvd / Central Ave / Laramie Ave / Cicero Ave /  Pulaski Rd / Conservatory Dr / Kedzie Ave / Sacramento Blvd / Western Ave 
RS Damen Ave
  Cross Washington Blvd / Warren Blvd
R E Madison St
  Cross Damen Ave
L E Monroe St
  Cross Ashland Ave / Racine Ave / Halsted St /
I-90 / Clinton St / Canal St / Chicago River / Upper Wacker Dr / LaSalle St / Michigan Ave 
  Arrive:  Grant Park
  Return to Elmhurst
  Head S to Van Buren St
W Van Buren St
R N State St
  Cross Wacker Dr / Chicago River
L W Kinzie St
Turn On
  Cross LaSalle St / Orleans St / Chicago River 
R N Halsted St
L NW Milwaukee St
  Cross Ogden Ave / Chicago Ave
L N Elston Ave
  Cross Division St / North Ave / Armitage Ave / Fullerton Ave / Logan Blvd / Diversey Ave / Belmont Ave / Addison St / Cicero Ave / Irving Park Rd / Montrose Ave 
L W   Lawrence Ave 
  Cross Edens Expwy (94) / Kennedy Expy (90) / Milwaukee Ave
R N Central Ave
L NW Higgins Ave
  Cross Austin Ave 
L W  Foster Ave
  Cross Nagle Ave / Harlem Ave
L S Canfield Ave
  Cross Lawrence Ave
R W Montrose Ave
  Cross Cumberland Ave
L S Enter Shiller Woods Forest Preserve
L SW 1st fork on Forest Preserve Rd
L SW 2nd fork on Forest Preserve Rd
R SE 3rd fork on Forest Preserve Rd
R W Cont W on sidewalk on N side of Irving Park Rd
  Cross DesPlaines River Road
W On sidewalk along N side of Irving Park Rd
W Cut thru a parking lot by a Dunkin Donuts
Page 3
Turn On
L S Old River Rd
R W Alley that runs parallel to Irving Park Rd
L S Shiller Park Police Station parking lot
L E On sidewalk on N side of Irving Park Rd (Wait for light ! Stay R busy st !)
R S Wesley Terr
  Rest Stop:  McDonalds
W Parking lot sneak to Prairie Ave
W Sidewalk sneak on S side of Irving Park Rd
  Cross RR tracks via underpass
L S Prairie Ave
L E Rose St (veers S later)
R W Soreng Ave
L S 25th Ave
R S Ruby St
R W King Ave
L S Scott St 
  Cross RR tracks / Franklin Ave / Grand Ave
R W Greenfield Rd
L S Sarah St
R W Nevada Ave
L S George St
R W Herrick Ave
Turn On
L S Lincoln St
R W  Fullerton Ave
  Cross Manheim Rd / Wolf Rd
L S  Midland Trail (off to the left, just before Fullerton Ave enters King Arthur Apartments)
R W Palmer Ave
L S Railroad Ave
R W Sidewalk sneak on N side of North Ave -- go under RR tracks and thru Entenmann's parking lot
W Lake St
  Cross Northwest Ave / I-294 via underpass / County Line Rd
L S Emroy Ave
  Cross I-290 via overpass / North Ave
R SW Melrose Ave
L S Willow Rd
R W 3rd St
  Cross York St
R N Addison Ave
R E  Hahn St
  Arrive Panera Bread (North and York)