Elmhurst to Brookfield Zoo North Gate - Approx. 20 Miles -

Submitted by Larry Gitchell

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Stemples Cycle Center, Spring Road and Prairie Path     MapQuest Map
Turn On Cum.
R Spring Road  
L Prairie Path Lane  
  Take path through park
L Vallette (becomes Electric Ave.)
R Hillside  
L Washington  
R Buckthorne (Cross Butterfield)
L Madison  
L North Forest  
R Warren
Cross Mannheim onto Prairie Path
R Bellwood Ave. ~ 4.3
R Canterbury ~ 6.1
L Balmoral
Cross Mannheim into Dorchester
L Jewel parking lot  
L Cermak - CAUTION  
  Cross Mannheim  
R Follow Salt Creek Bicycle Path to east end
L 31st Street - CAUTION  
R Zoo North Gate ~ 10.5
Turn On Cum.
L 31st Street  
R McCormick  
  Follow Salt Creek Bicycle Path
R 17th Ave.  
R 23rd Street  
L 13th Ave. (Cross Cermak)  
L Super Kmart service drive  
R 17th Ave. (Cross RR tracks) - CAUTION  
R 16th Street  
L 9th Ave.  
L Prairie Path  
  Cross Mannheim onto Warren
R North Forest  
  Cross Butterfield into IPP
  Continue on IPP to Spring Rd.