To Eggsperience - 38 Miles -

Submitted by Nancy Shack

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at McCollum Park Downers Grove 67th and Main St     MapQuest Map
Turn On
  Cross Main at 67th Light
R Dunham Rd
L 61 st.
R Pershing Ave
L 59th St.
  Cross Belmont Ave. at Traffic Light
  Name change to HOBSON RD.
R Lee St.
L Jackson Dr.
L Walnut Ave.
R 63rd St
L Marshall Dr.
R Woodridge Dr.
  Cross 53rd St at Traffic Light
  Into IMAX complex
R Main St
L Unknown Name(between buildings.)
L Double Eagle Dr.
R Hobson Rd.
R Creek Dr.
L Green Trails Dr.
L At "T" to stay on Green Trails
L Olesen Dr.
Turn On
R E. Gartner
L To stay on E. Gartner
R Onto W. Gartner to end
L S. West St.
R Plainfield/Naperville Rd
L Ardmore Dr.
R Oakton Ln.
R Ada Ln
L Sanctuary Ln.
L Fort Hill Dr.
R Audrey Ave.
L Into parking lot between Whole Foods and Dick's.
  Eggsperience is ahead, to the right.
  Back Through Parking Lot to Audrey
L Audrey, Cross 59th St. at Traffic Light
  Ride Through Parking Lot
R Trade St.
  Cross Ogden Ave.
L Healthway Dr.
L Westbrook Dr.
  Cross Commons Dr.
  Name becomes PRINCETON
Page 2
Turn On
L Frontenac St.
R Meadowbrook Dr.
  Cross Montgomery. Name changes to WHITE EAGLE DR. W.
R White Eagle Dr.
  Cross Rte. 59 onto W 87th St.
R Skylane Dr.
L Leverenz Rd
R Dewhurst St. (Signage is on the right. Sign on the left is Waupaca)
L Springdale Cir.
L Gateshead Dr
L Modaff Rd
L to stay on Modaff
R W. 87th St.
  Cross Washington to Path
R E Bailey Rd
L Wehrli(Cross 75th St. & Hobson Rd.)
R Sun Valley Rd
L Old College Rd
R Tanglewood Dr
R Timbertrails Rd.
Turn On
R Green Trails Dr
R to stay on Green Trails Dr.
R Greene Rd.
L Didrikson Rd.
L Greene Rd.
L Hobson Rd
L Double Eagle
R Unknown Name
R Main St. (in between stores)
L Woodridge Dr to exit complex. Cross Rte 53.
  Woodridge Dr. becomes CENTER DR.
L Carlton Dr.
R Concord Dr
R Danbury Dr. Cross Janes Ave. Becomes 71st St.
L Woodward Ave.
R Concord Dr.
L To stay on Concord
L Dunham Rd
R 67th St.
  Back at McCollum Park