Devil and the White City - 54 Miles -

Submitted by Lew Worthem

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Depot- Elmhurst  MapQuest Map
Turn On Miles Cum.
East Vallette to Prairie Path at Taft 1.45 1.45
East Prairie Path to Butterfield 1.05 2.50
East Butterfield to Washington 0.33 2.83
East Washington(becomes Randolph) to Marengo 4.10 6.93
R-South Marengo to Washington 0.13 7.06
L-East Washington to Hamlin 4.50 11.56
R-South Hamlin(becomes Independence) to Douglas 1.34 12.90
L-East Douglas Blvd to Douglas Park 0.87 13.77
East Into Douglas Park to fieldhouse rest break 0.15 13.92
East Over footbridge on Farrar Dr. L-north to 12th Place, R-east to exit Douglas Park on California Ave. 0.46 14.38
L-North California to Roosevelt 0.07 14.45
R-East Roosevelt to Loomis 1.80 16.25
R-South Loomis, over canal (watch out for grate bridge), under I-55, to Lyman St. 1.95 18.20
R-SW Lyman to Haynes Ct. 0.06 18.26
Turn On Miles Cum.
L-SE Haynes to 31st St. 0.11 18.37
South Jog right onto Racine southbound to 35th 0.52 18.89
L-East 35th to Morgan 0.25 19.14
R-South Morgan to Exchange 0.83 19.97
L-East Exchange to Halsted (see old stockyard gate and firefighter memorial) 0.25 20.22
R-South Halsted to 47th St. 0.68 20.90
L-East 47th to Martin Luther King Dr. 1.50 22.40
R-South MLK Dr. to Hyde Park Blvd 0.50 22.90
South Bear left onto Elsworth Dr., thru Washington Park, bear left onto Morgan Dr, bear right onto Payne Dr to Midway Plaisance (see Fountain of Time statue at W. end of Midway Plaisance) 1.30 24.20
L-East Midway Plaisance to Cornell Ave 1.15 25.35
L-North Cornell Ave to lagoon S. of Museum of Sci&IndustryI, R-East on path into Jackson Park, R-South on footbridge into wooded island, bear left to Osaka garden 0.40 25.75
Page 2: Return trip
Turn On Miles Cum.
South South thru wooded island to parking lot, L-East on sidewalk along Hayes Drive to Richards Dr., see Golden Lady statue (toilets in golf course building across street to SW) 0.60 0.60
West Depart statue on Hayes, becomes 63rd St., see site of H.H.Holmes "Murder Castle" between Parnell and Lowe, 600W 63rd St.(is now a U.S. post office) 3.10 3.70
West Murder Castle to Halsted Pkwy (curves right) 0.13 3.83
R-North Halsted Pkwy (curves), becomes Halsted St, to 55th  1.10 4.93
L-West 55th St. to Western Blvd. 2.00 6.93
R-North Western Blvd to 31st St. (do not take the ramp - stay on Western until north of the canal) 3.10 10.03
L-West 31st St. to California Ave 0.54 10.57
R-North California to 26th St (see Cook Cty jail and criminal court) 0.50 11.07
L-West 26th to Kostner Ave. thru Little Village - congested! (if there is no detour, then just continue west on 26th) 2.00 13.07
R-North detour Kostner to Ogden 0.24 13.31
L-West detour Ogden to 26th 0.46 13.77
R-NW 26th (bends west) until it ends at Forestview Ave. 5.25 19.02
Turn On Miles Cum.
L-SW entrance to Salt Creek Trail, take trail west to Mannheim/LaGrange Rd. at 22nd St. 2.80 21.82
North Cross 22nd St, north on sidewalk, jog right then left into bank parking lot, north thru lot to Balmoral Av. 0.20 22.01
R-NE Balmoral (curves north) to Canterbury St. 0.40 22.41
L-West Canterbury (cross Mannheim) to Haase Av. 0.84 23.25
R-North Haase to Dickens St 0.25 23.50
L-West Dickens to Wolf Rd, cross and enter Queen of Heaven Cemetery. 0.38 23.88
R On cemetery drives, bear right to north exit at Roosevelt Rd., cross north into Mt. Carmel cemetery. 0.60 24.48
North On cemetery drives, north to Harrison St. 0.55 25.03
North Cross Harrison, becomes Hillside, to Darmstadt Rd. 0.16 25.19
L-West Darmstadt to Butterfield Rd. 0.52 25.71
L-West Butterfield to Stratford Ave 0.31 26.02
R-North Stratford, bends west at Madison 0.29 26.31
L-West Madison to Poplar Ave 0.38 26.69
R-North Poplar, thru RR underpass, continue on Poplar to Vallette 0.48 27.17
L-West Vallette to Elmhurst Depot parking lot 0.50 27.67