To Cricket Creek and 2 more FP - 40 Miles -

Submitted by Jeff Wincentsen

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Panera Bread    North Ave. & York    Elmhurst  MapQuest Map
Turn On
R W Hahn St
L S Addison Ave
S Cross RR tracks
R W Park Ave
L S Myrtle Ave
R W Alexander Blvd
L S  West Ave
   Cross RR tracks / St Charles Rd
S Take IPP W to cross over Rt 83
L N Monterey
L W  Wildwood
L S Villa
R W  Kennilworth Ave
L S Ardmore Ave
R W  School St (becomes Maple St)
L S Harvard Ave
R E Jackson St
  Cross Westmore - Meyers Rd
L S Lombard Circle 
R W  Hawthorne Circle
L S Cherry Ln
R W Wilson Ave
R N Grace St
L W  Maple St
R N  Finley Rd
Turn On
L W  Crescent Blvd
R N  Into Churchill Woods FP (Dirt Trail E side of lake)
R N Trail uphill after passing picnic shelter
R E Exit trail to parking lot
R E Follow driveway through underpass below St. Charles
R N  Trail into woods (where driveway turns L to St. Charles Rd.) (Bends W later)
R W  Trail at bottom of hill
L W  Trail bears L at top of hill
S N Exit trail to parking lot at top of hill.
R N Swift Rd
  Cross North/Army Trail/Lake
R E Nordic Rd (becomes Bloomingdale)
  Cross Rohlwing Rd / I-355 / I-290
R S Lombard Rd (road bends L E)
R SE Trail into Songbird Slough FP
R S Head SE thru Songbird Slough FP on the trail
R S Mill Rd
  Cross I-290 via overpass
R W Eggerding Dr
R N 3rd Ave
L W  Sable Ave (sidewalk sneak !)
Page 2
Turn On
R NW White Fence Ln
R W Farmwood Dr
R N Itasca Rd (this road goes N, W, S, SE, and S) (name changes to Autumn Trail, then Foxdale Dr, then Lombard Rd)
  Cross Lake St
  Rest Stop:  Culver's Restaurant
  Return to Elmhurst:
S Lombard Rd
L E Holtz Ave
R S 5th Ave
L E Stonemill Ave
L N Mill Rd
  Cross Lake St / I-290 via overpass
R E Gilbert Dr
L N Brookwood Dr
N Enter Salt Creek Greenway Trail, head N
R E At T on paved trail
  Cross Irving Park Rd via Big Bridge
  Cross RR tracks
R N  Side trail along Prospect Ave
R E Into Salt Creek Marsh Forest Preserve
  Go straight at the trail T intersection (not left)
  Cross bridge over Salt Creek
L N Loop around reservoir & return the way you came in
  Cross bridge over Salt Creek
R N  At T on paved trail
E Cross bridge over Salt Creek
E Cont E on Bauman Ct
Turn On
R S Mittel Dr
L S  Wood Dale Rd
  Cross RR tracks / Irving Park Rd
R E Elizabeth Dr
E Exit trail to Addison Rd
L S  Addison Rd
R E Elizabeth Dr
R S Wood Dale Rd
L E  Wood Dale Grove FP -- loop around and exit SE to Ellsworth Ave
R S Ellsworth Ave
L W Stone Ave
R S  Wood Dale Rd (becomes Villa Ave)
  Cross I-290 via underpass
L SE Lake St (use wide sidewalk on S side)
R S Ellsworth Ave
L E Victory Pkwy
R S Cardinal St
R S Grass trail into Cricket Creek FP
S Cross Fullerton, continue on trail
  Loop around Cricket Creek FP ponds S, E, N, W
L W Fullerton Ave
L S Villa Ave
R W Lorraine Ave
L S Ardmore Ave
S Go thru Twin Lakes Park (trail)
S Cross North Ave 
L E Hill St
L N Villa Ave
Page 3
Turn On
R E North Ave (busy st, keep Right!)
  Cross Rt 83
R S Glade Ave
L E Third St
L N Addison Ave
R E Hahn St
  Arrive Panera Bread