To Silver Springs State Park - 41 Miles -

Submitted by George Hermach

CAUTION: Use this route as a guide only. Suitability of roads may have changed. Verify the route and rest stops and check for construction before starting on a ride. All routes are not suitable for all levels of cyclists.

Start at Big Rock Community Park on Sixth     Big Rock, Illinois  Google Map
Turn On Cum.
  Exit Park on Sixth 0.2
L Rhodes St 1.2
R Granart Rd 3.8
R Galena Rd 4.5
L Creek Rd 7.8
R Frazier Rd (small sign on left) 9.2
L Sandy Bluffs Rd 10.2
S Cross US 34, continue straight 10.5
L Griswold Spring Rd (first left after US 34) 10.9
R Burr Oak Rd 13.1
R Milhurst Rd 14.1
L Whitefield Rd (at top of hill) 15.4
S Cross Fox River 16.2
L Fox River Dr 16.3
R Millbrook Rd (next road) 16.6
L Budd Rd 19.3
Turn On Cum.
L High Point Rd (just over crest of hill) 20.8
S Continue straight when Fox Rd branches to right (becomes Fox Rd) 22.8
R Second entrance road into Silver Springs State Park - Lunch stop along river 24.4
R Fox Rd leaving Park 24.6
R Fox River Dr 24.9
S Cross Fox River and continue into Plano (becomes Ben St in Plano) 26.8
S Cross US 34, continue straight 27.1
R Abe St 27.5
L Hale St 27.6
R Lee St (becomes Big Rock Ave, then Rock Creek Rd after leaving Plano) 31.5
L Galena Rd 31.8
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Turn On Cum.
R Clark Rd 33.0
L Jericho Rd (follow bend to right) 38.1
R Hinckley Rd (into Big Rock) 40.5
R Rhodes St 40.8
L Sixth back to starting point 41.0
  Back at Starting Point