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Bicycle Club of the Year.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club is the League of American Bicyclists' 2009 Bicycle Club
of the Year for Region 4.

Our President's Message

Photo sample November Greetings fellow EBC members! Suddenly the temps have dropped into the 40’s so the mix of offered events will begin to change. Road rides will continue of course, but you will see the addition of many local hikes and there will be many mountain bike rides as well. As soon as the snow flies we will add XC skiing and snowshoeing, the events never stop, they just evolve.

October had several events in which EBC members gave back to the Community. Many EBC members helped staff the aid station run by The Glen Ellyn Runners Club at the 2017 Chicago Marathon; thanks to Maryellen Reedy and Rich Aycock for organizing. EBC was also well represented at the 2017 Hot Chocolate Race working as Bike Marshals; thanks to Kim Messina for organizing.

November will bring many events including the Veterans Day Hiking Weekend in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, hosted by Dawn Maxwell and the Thanksgiving Hike & Buffet at White Pines State Park hosted by Judy Mikesell.

We are pleased that Betty Korabik of CycleBar (High Tech Indoor Spin classes) will be our featured speaker at our next Club Meeting on November 9th, 2017. Our meetings are at the Elmhurst Community Bank, 330 W. Butterfield Road, Elmhurst, IL (junction of Butterfield Road & Spring Road). We will also have the election of Club officers at this meeting. Please come out and vote. See election info elsewhere in this Newsletter. All members and guests are encouraged to attend to keep up with club happenings, and to socialize with your fellow members.

Please come out and enjoy all that EBC has to offer and I will see you on the road or trail, riding at the speed of fun! George Pastorino

The Bicycle is 200 Years Old!

by Cindy Reedy

running machine

The “running machine”!

In 1817 German Baron Karl von Drais built his Laufmaschine (running machine) to fill the transportation gap due to a lack of horses at the time. The machine was almost all wood, including the seat and the iron shod wheels. It had no pedals. It’s no surprise that it was not very popular. He patented it in 1818. Then it was called a velocipede. The term “bicycle” wasn’t used until 1869.




penny farthing

The “penny farthing”!

Frenchman Eugene Meyer is regarded as the father of the high-bicycle, also known as the penny-farthing. He invented the wire-spoke tension wheel in 1869 and after that produced a classic high-bicycle design until the 1880s.









safety bicycle

The “safety bicycle”!

The bicycle evolved into something that we would recognize as such in the 1880s. John Kemp Starley produced the first “safety bicycle.” It had equally sized wheels and a chain drive to the rear wheel. John Dunlop’s pneumatic bicycle tire in 1888 made biking more comfortable. The “safety bicycle” was suitable for women and Susan B. Anthony called it the “freedom machine.”





early recumbent

The “early recumbent”!

The first genuine recumbent bicycle was the Fautenil Vélociped in 1893. They were banned from officially sanctioned bicycle races in 1934.

The first mass production mountain bike was the Specialized Stumpjumper, first produced in 1981.


If you want to see a 199 year old version of the velocipede, visit the Art of the Bicycle Exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. In addition to historical bicycles, the exhibit also has many examples of unique modern bicycle designs up to 2013.

Source for this article: Wikipedia at

Officer Slate 2018


The slate of officer candidates for 2016 was presented at the October 12, 2017, EBC meeting. The slate includes:

President: George Pastorino

Vice President / Ride Captain: Ken Hickey

Secretary: Kim Messina

Treasurer: Judy Mikesell

Membership: Shelly Hicks

In accordance with Article VII of the club's Constitution and By-laws, in the presence of a quorum of club members at the November 9, 2017, club meeting, a vote will be taken to elect the 2018 EBC officers.

Additional nominations, with the nominee's approval, may be received from the floor up until the election. Election is by a majority of members present. All officers shall assume their positions on January 1, 2018.

Please note: Kris Nicoletto will be the Newsletter Editor. This is an appointed position.

All members are cordially invited to attend the November 9th, EBC club meeting, 7:15 p.m.

Wedron Canoe Trip (Lower Fox River)

After the chilly, cloudy, windy days the last week in October, it is nice to have a reminder about the pleasant, sunny, warm weather we enjoyed as recently as Saturday, October 21. That is when the Wedron Canoe Trip (what has become an annual event) was held. George P. shared: Great canoe trip with terrific friends....9 of us had a great day on the Fox River with an awesome picnic lunch :)

Canoeing the Fox River

Canoeing the Fox River! Shorts and Short Sleeves in October!

Dressing for Winter Cycling and Other Snow Sports

by George Pastorino

George and Pussanee

Properly Dressed Winter Cyclists!

This is a winter dress guide for cyclists that has been battle tested by Pussanee and me. ..We both hate to be cold and unlike me...she has a scant amount of body fat to insulate her. This is just an example of what works for Pussanee and me. There are many good ways to stay warm riding all year and everyone has a different internal thermostat and cold tolerance, but this article will give you a good general starting point. Most of these tips also work well for Snowshoeing and XC skiing.

Pussanee and I ride all winter long and are never cold. First I will address the tops and bottoms. Most people over-dress for cold weather rides. Down to about 20 we will wear a thin smart wool top and bottom under a breathable windproof jacket and wind proof tights. Below 20, we will add a thin synthetic long underwear layer under the smart-wool, this set up takes us all the way below zero. Don't forget, you are cycling not ice fishing....dressing too warm is a killer. It takes a little tinkering to find the best combination for each person and weather condition. Most of the winter we just wear the thin synthetic long underwear under our windproof tights as the legs are easier to keep warm.

The hands and feet are a big problem for most people, but it can be overcome. Regular 5 finger gloves are not very effective below 30 degrees in my opinion. From about 20 to 35 degrees we use good quality heavy Lobsters (gloves with 2 fingers and a thumb). See Example here: Lobster Gloves . Below 20 degrees I have found the best way to keep your hands warm is a good quality mitten with a hand warmer inside. You can spend $200.00 on gloves and your hands can freeze because the fingers are isolated from each other. Glove Liners do not help and further isolate the fingers from each other.

Mittens are your ticket to happy winter cycling and yes you can shift fine...road STI or mountain. We have tested many, but like this one: Alti Mitts. That mittens are warmer than gloves is not my opinion, it is a fact backed by much empirical scientific evidence, research and field experience. Physics dictates that mittens must be warmer than gloves made of the same material. Gloves put more surface area in contact with cold air than mittens do. So they cannot keep your hand as warm with the same amount of Insulation. What's more, gloves force each finger to fend for itself. In a mitten, fingers are in direct contact with other fingers...sharing the heat.

All things being equal (fabrics, thickness, and insulation), mittens are warmer than gloves. Read the first paragraph of this article here : Mittens are warmer. See article here: When it's too cold for gloves.

You can also use Bar Mitts, like this one from 45 North: Cobrafist. With these you can just wear a light glove or glove liner. My hands get cold easily so I use these: ExpeditionPogies. They are the warmest made.

There are few good solutions for the feet without investing some money. Shoe covers with chemical hand or toe warmers may work down to about 20 degrees, but are not ideal. If you want to give up your clip-less pedals, you can wear warm hiking boots. Pussanee and I use aggressive flat pedals like these for mountain biking all year long and on the road in winter: Thin aggressive Flat Pedals. If you don't clip in like us, you can use a good winter hiking boot. We really like these WinterHikingBoot.

We augment our warm hiking boots with Gaiters. Some think Gaiters are only useful for deep snow... but they have another function......warmth. I learned this in my Mountain Climbing training. Heat escapes up and out from the cuff of your boot allowing your feet to get cold. Gaiters seal the cuff completely, making whatever boot you wear much warmer. We wear them all the time when it's cold, not just when we think we will encounter deep snow. We really like this one: Crocodile Gaiters.

Here are 2 robust boots for clip-less pedals from 45 North: WÖLVHAMMER. Review here: Wolvhammer Review. If you really get cold feet and must clip in and can afford it, then buy this: WØLFGAR. They are the warmest boot for clips. Make sure your winter boot is not tight, go at least one size larger than normal as you need room for thicker socks and if your boots are tight, your feet will freeze.

Socks are important and the warmest are made from Alpaca. They are much warmer than our heaviest Smart Wool sock and they are sinfully soft and insulate while wet. This is one we wear: Alpaca Socks. While on the subject of socks, do not wear 2 pair and do not wear sock liners. One pair of warm socks is all you need.

Also in cold weather (below 20) we wear downhill ski helmets and ski goggles, the helmets are very light and warm and completely cover your ears, same for the ski goggles..... very warm and your eyes don't freeze. Add a balaclava to keep your face warm. The ski helmets and goggles work better MTB riding in the woods, rather than road riding with cars due to peripheral vision issues. We really love this helmet: Smith Vantage Helmet MIPS. Any Ski Goggle with double lenses will work just fine.

I would like to share a product Pussanee and I use on our face and other exposed skin while being active outdoors in winter to prevent wind burn and frostbite. It's called Dermatome, The Frostbite Fighter and provides great skin protection. Info here: DermatomeFrostbiteFighter .

This video was taken at windchill minus 40, volume up to hear the wind, Pussanee was never cold: Frozen Lake Riding.

Remember.... The weather is never bad.......people just fail to dress appropriately for it...... (No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.)

R U Outside all Winter? You could be and comfortably.....

George Pastorino
Mountain Bike coordinator

George and Pussanee

Winter Lake Riding!

Trick, Trot, & Roll

by Tom Preston

Trick Trot Roll Header

Friday afternoon the phone rang. It was Rich, he and his wife, Mary are members of CATS, the Chicago Area Tandem Society, as are we. Rich works for the Illinois Tollway. He had been working all day, outside, in the cold, cold wind preparing for the festivities for the opening of Illinois Route 390. Rich remembered that we had told him we planned to ride our tandem with Petra to the Trick, Trot, & Roll. He was calling to tell us to dress warm because the weather forecast called for cold, cold winds again on Saturday. Ginny said, “I’m not going. If you still want to go, take your single and ride with Vince. I’m going to stay home and stay warm.”

There were 9 of us in Vince’s group. He led us south first, so we could cross Route 83 using the Illinois Prairie Path, then north on the Salt Creek Trail. The Salt Creek Trail was messy with leaves and twigs; but mostly dry. The underpasses had some dried mud in spots. Vince kept the pace comfortable. As we rolled onto the new eastbound lanes of the new tollway, Vince asked a Tollway worker to take our picture. He seemed happy to do so. Here we are, Gary, Vince, Kim, Luis, Jan, Herm, me, Ron, and Karen.

Trick Trot Roll Header

We continued up the hill behind us, then down to where we crossed the median to the new westbound lanes to the registration tents where we met other EBC members. Lynn Korff captured this view of the arch which marked the beginning of the 1-1/8 mile stretch of highway open for all to enjoy.

Trick Trot Roll Header

We did 2 out and backs. Heading west into the biting wind was tough. But there was a steel drum band playing at the other end and it was fun to watch Luis dance on his pedals to the up-tempo Caribbean music. Riding back eastbound in what will be the westbound passing lane was a mile of smile. We didn’t have to pedal at all.

We visited the food truck area before reversing our route back to Whole Foods in Elmhurst. Thank you, Vince, for posting and leading. Thank you, Elmhurst Bicycle Club for your camaraderie no matter what the outing. PS. We missed you, Ginny.

Meeting Minutes October

Board Minutes
October 12, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Ken Hickey, Shelly Hicks, Kim Messina, Chuck Dean, Cindy Reedy, Kelli Morgan

  1. President:
    • The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst. • Club membership renewal for 2018 has started, and members must renew by Dec. 31, 2017 in order to receive club emails, and accrue miles for bike rides or hikes.

  2. Vice President: For invitational rides, separate rides sheets reflecting various miles ridden will no longer be required. Lately, the practice has been that participating riders tell the Ride Leader how many miles they had ridden to receive credit, not exceeding the Ride Leader’s total mileage for the ride. EBC Awards Program page will be updated to reflect what actually has been done.

  3. Membership Coordinator: Currently there are 508 members.

  4. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 9/14/2017 – 10/10/2017): Total income: $1,426.60. Total Expenses: $594.89. Total balance: $11,143.63

  5. Secretary:
    • EBC Christmas Party will be held at Angelo’s Restaurant the same night as our club meeting, Thursday Dec. 14, starting at 6:30 p.m. Angelo’s is located at 241 North York Road in Elmhurst. There is parking along the side and behind the restaurant, as well in the parking garage across the street. The cost for club member is $8.50 per person, and $15.00 per guest. Sign up for the party can be done via Pay Pal, when paying your 2018 dues.
    • Mark your calendars: UP Cross Country/Snowshoe/Hike Week Sunday Feb. 4 – Friday Feb. 9 at Indianhead Motel in Ironwood, MI.

  6. Sponsorship: no news.

  7. Newsletter: Preparations are being made for the transition to Kris Nicoletta as newsletter editor.

  8. Website/Database: Club Express membership pages are open for paying 2018 dues.

  9. Publicity: no report.

  10. The next Board meeting will be on Thursday, November 9, 2017, at 6:15 p.m. Elmhurst Community Bank, 330 West Butterfield Road, Elmhurst IL 60126.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

EBC General Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Ken Hickey, Shelly Hicks, Kim Messina, Chuck Dean

  1. President:
    • The General Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. at J&R Cycle and Ski, Villa Park.
    • The slate of candidates for the 2018 EBC Board was announced. All the Current EBC Officers: George Pastorino – President; VP/Ride Captain - Ken Hickey; Treasurer – Judy Mikesell; Secretary – Kim Messina; Membership Coordinator – Shelly Hicks will continue with their roles. Kris Nicoletta will take over as Newsletter Editor, as Chuck Dean will be retiring after 8 years of holding this responsibility.

  2. Vice-president/Ride Captain: There have been a lot of rides being posted with the weather as nice as it’s been. Be careful when riding over wet leaves or pine needles.

  3. Secretary Report: EBC Christmas Party will be held at Angelo’s Restaurant the same night as our club meeting, Thursday Dec. 14, starting at 6:30 p.m. Angelo’s is located at 241 North York Road in Elmhurst. There is parking along the side and behind the restaurant, as well in the parking garage across the street. The cost for club member is $8.50 per person, and $15.00 per guest. Sign up for the party can be done via Pay Pal, when paying your 2018 dues. Mark your calendars: UP Cross Country/Snowshoe/Hike Week Sunday Feb 4 – Friday Feb 9 at Indianhead Motel in Ironwood, MI. Great fun, lots of laughs, and Dirty Uno during the week of winter adventures. This will be EBC’s 18th year up at the UP. More details to follow on price, lodging, and weather updates of ski areas.

  4. Membership Coordinator:
    • Total members: 508
    • Meeting attendance: 68 members
    • Membership dues will be collected from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31. To keep your club benefits, make sure to renew between these dates.
    • Door prize winners: Five $25.00 J&R gift certificates were awarded via random number drawing to the following winners: Parker Han; George Hardwidge; Chuck Dean; Dick Diebold; and, Fred Tarbell

  5. Tonight’s refreshments: compliments of Bob and Lorna of J&R Cycle and Ski in Villa Park

  6. Refreshment Coordinators: Donna and Gary Busching.

  7. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 9/14/2017 – 10/10/2017): Total income: $1,426.60; Total Expenses: $594.89; Total balance: $11,143.63

  8. Awards and Club Attire:

  9. Sponsorship: Ginny Preston promoted all of our sponsors with special thanks tonight to J&R Cycle.

  10. Advocacy Chair: Bob Hoel spoke of the Bike, Walk Every Town programs which Active Trans had presented in various communities. This program was put together to help create biking advocates in our communities, where locally we can try to make a difference when it comes to bike safety. Although the programs are now over, information can still be found at: www.activetrans.org/bikewalkeverytown.

  11. Sergeant at Arms: Sue Hickey. Send photos to her for entry into our new data base.

  12. Programs: Should members have any ideas for guest speakers or bike related topics to be presented at our meetings, please contact Vince Gatto.

  13. Safety Chairman: no message, due to Safety Chair on vacation.

  14. Mountain Bike Coordinator: Weather is great, trails are open. A variety of mountain bike rides are being posted, so join us for rides.

  15. Website/Database Team: The new website page for membership is up and running for everyone to renew their dues for 2018.

  16. Publicity: No report.

  17. Tonight’s Program: Tonight we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Elmhurst Bike Club. Dick Diebold and Kevin Zahora were present and both lifetime members who were at the first meeting. Over 30 people attended that first meeting which was held at the Elmhurst Depot in October, 1977. Dick told many stories, from how the club got its name, to how rides were organized and communicated. He also shared a few good bike stories – riding to Alaska, California, and Maine. Kevin Zahora talked about working the Metro Metro back in the day, and of how many great people he has met through all the years. He also mentioned the many patches he has collected from many biking events. Perhaps he will bring his patch collection to one of our meetings next year for a show and tell.

  18. The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 7:15 p.m. at Elmhurst Community Bank, 330 West Butterfield Road, Elmhurst IL 60126

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

Please submit articles and/or photos for the newsletter to Chuck Dean (cdean69033_aol.com). The deadline is the 25th of the month.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club Officers and Committee Chairs
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

Vice President/Ride Captain
Ken Hickey, 630.290.0006

Judy Mikesell, 630.833.1036

Kim Messina, 630.204.8945

Membership Coordinator
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Newsletter Editor
Chuck Dean, 630.790.4203
Bob Hoel

Bill Bonner, 630.297.9773

Vince Gatto, 630.832.2133

Mileage Coordinator
John Riordan, 630.833.8201

Sponsor Chair
Ginny Preston, 630.852.8836

Website Team
John Riordan, 630.833.8201

Donna and Gary Busching, 630.967.4727

George Hardwidge, 312.656.6591

Sue Hickey, 630.627.4518

Assistant Ride Captain
John Riordan, 630.833.8201

Mountain Bike Coordinator
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

List Server
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Human Interest Person
Betty Bond, 630.932.0271

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November, 2017   •   •   •   Club Rides

'Ride Schedule.' The most current ride schedule can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/currentRide.aspx.

'Future Rides' (typically out 30 or more days, if any exist) can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/futureRide.aspx.

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