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Bicycle Club of the Year.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club is the League of American Bicyclists' 2009 Bicycle Club
of the Year for Region 4.

Our President's Message

Photo sample

Hard to believe that July has turned into August and we are headed into the Dog Days of Summer! July was a great month for EBC with over 150 events …. we had rides to eat, rides to breweries and bakeries, The Summer Tour in Michigan, Ragbrai (a ride across Iowa), hikes at the Indiana Dunes, mountain bike rides, and much more …. just a typical busy month for the area’s best bike club. I am so proud of all our members and ride leaders …. you rock!

We had a big volunteer event in July. Twenty five EBC members volunteered at The Elmhurst Classic Road Race which raised money for the DuPage Cycling Foundation which donates most of the money to worthy causes. This event was a great success due to our volunteers. I was very proud of the volunteers. Anyone can pedal a bike from here to there, but it takes a special commitment to give up your ride to help others …. this is the true spirit of EBC . Thank you all!

August brings another great volunteer opportunity …. we have 25 members signed up to help Cambr run the Palos Meltdown Race ….. all money raised goes toward building and maintaining sustainable single track trails at Palos. They can’t run the race without volunteers, and EBC has stepped up ….. again, much more rewarding than just spinning pedals.

August will bring us another 150+ events including Ron Richards 6th Annual Ride-to-Eat at Hackney's ….. a ride that is not to be missed .… also, the Wheaton Bicycle Parade led by Laurel Salvador, and The EBC Summer Picnic which is Saturday 8/19/2017 at 11:30 a.m. …. summertime fun and games along with BBQ and chicken from BBQ Jims …. See article elsewhere in Newsletter for more details …. this is a great event to meet new members.

Larry Alvino will lead his New Glarus, Wisconsin Weekend which is one of our favorite rides. Larry does a great job with this, and there are many more rides to choose from …. whatever your pleasure …. please get out and ride.

We are extremely excited to have EBC member Jay Lumkes as our featured speaker at our August 10th, 2017, club meeting. He will educate us on the joys of doing Ragbrai. Our meetings are at the Elmhurst Community Bank, 330 W. Butterfield Road, Elmhurst, IL (junction of Butterfield Road & Spring Road). All members and guests are encouraged to attend to keep up with club happenings, and to socialize with your fellow members.

Please ride safely and I will see you on the road or trail, riding at the speed of fun!

Time to Picnic!

by Joanne Dezur

Picnic Promo

History of the EBC Website

by Cindy Reedy

It takes a team to create and maintain a website. Here are some of the main players for the Elmhurst Bicycle Club’s website.

The Beginning

It is hard to imagine our Elmhurst Bicycle Club without our website. However we have only had one for 18 years, less than half of the club’s existence. Ed Curtin registered the domain name in April of 1999. Carole Danillo taught herself HTML and created the first website. It was one page with links to a few documents, e.g. the signup sheet. She had to hand color the banana man logo to put it on the site.

When Carole’s career took a good turn she had to resign as webmaster. In 2000 I was invited to join the website team. I must have impressed them because after the first meeting I became the whole team and I was on my own.

Our next version of the website had a menu and several pages. I was pretty happy with it.

Team Mate

After a couple of years Sharon (then Ganske, now Hermach) joined the web team. She suggested more material and reorganization. Sharon is the reason that the EBC site has so much depth.

Sharon and I met for a few hours each month. We’d update our To-Do list, which was always a page long, then work on some of those items and maybe more pressing new items. Between meetings we would work on our assignments, trying to accomplish more than our team partner. Sharon always seemed to do more than her share of the work.

Ride Schedule

Initially the ride schedule on the website was a copy of what was printed in the newsletter. It was only for the current calendar month, and only included the leaders’ rides that were submitted by the 20th of the prior month. There was also a small Late Additions page that we updated, but it was separate. We’ve come a long way, baby!

In 2006 when Steve Josephs was Ride Captain, he created our first database ride schedule using Microsoft Access. It took a little maintenance on his part but it was a huge improvement for the ride leaders and the members.

Eventually the ride schedule that Steve developed reached its “use by” date. In 2014 Jeff Gandy created a new state of the art ride schedule using SQL Server Express. Jeff also developed a membership application for the website.


From 2002 until 2008 the newsletters were added to the website as PDF documents of the printed version. In 2009 the club did not have a newsletter editor and the printed version was discontinued. Sharon and I put together a little website version for one year.

Chuck Dean joined the EBC website team in 2010 as the newsletter editor. He has done a remarkable job for many years.

Chuck also researched and helped resolve some of our “site down” issues.

Member Miles

I know everyone’s second favorite page is Member Miles. There are several people to recognize here.

The recording of Member Miles may have started with Steve Harms who recorded them using Paradox and then gave the list of each individual’s rides to them at the end of the year.

When Mary Moroney took over she developed the initial Microsoft Access database application and input the data for years. She sent the info to me and Sharon to add to the website. Lew Worthem helped Mary with a few items, including uploading it to the website herself.

Nancy Shack input the mileage for years after Mary retired. Nancy also added entertaining photos to the page and standardized the colors for each mileage range. Her husband Bill updated the program. He also provided the info for the directories and annual awards.

Peter Gough did the data entry and website uploads for a while.

Now John Riordan is entering the data, changing the photos and uploading the page. He also added the code so that the page does not open in a separate tab.

Going Forward

I retired as webmaster effective June 1, 2016. We couldn’t find a replacement. I suspect that the members who know how to do this also know how much time it takes. After several months the EBC Board decided to contract with Club Express for the EBC website. John Riordan is the setup man and the club liaison. This is a smart move. We will have a professional looking, fully functioning and up to date website in the future.

Cindy and her award plaque

Thank You

At the June 2017 club meeting I was given a very generous $200 gift card in recognition of my fifteen plus years as webmaster. I shared it with Sharon because she was half of the team. After she and George moved to Michigan I realized that I could not maintain the site without her.

As if the monetary award was not enough the club also presented me with a trophy award. See the photo.

Over the years many new members told us that the website is what lured them to the club. Many established members were also very complimentary and thankful for what we did. Now it is my turn: Thank you all for this honor and the appreciation that you have shown me all along.

Home Pages over the Years

 Original EBC website by Carole Danillo

Original EBC website by Carole Danillo

     First EBC website version from Cindy Reedy

First EBC website version from Cindy Reedy

 EBC website after it was reorganized and expanded with Sharon

EBC website after it was reorganized and expanded with Sharon

     EBC website as it evolved over time

EBC website as it evolved over time

 EBC website redo by Jeff Gandy

EBC website redo by Jeff Gandy

2017 Bike Tour in Canada

 Emma and Bill Fisher

Emma and Bill Fisher

My daughter Emma, and I began a bike tour near Lake Tahoe, CA, followed the Adventure Cycling Sierra Cascades route up to Vancouver, BC., took the train east to avoid the many forest fires and resulting smoke to Jasper, Alberta, then south along the Icefields Parkway to Banff, and flew home from Calgary, 2,000 miles of pedaling.

I had never been to any of these areas. I was hoping for a stunningly beautiful and challenging route, and it was! As we neared the end of the journey, Emma and I agreed that the greatest aspect was the people we had met and stayed with.

We camped for about half the nights on our trip, and stayed with hosts through the online cycle-touring network, WarmShowers.org. Warm Showers is a wonderful community for touring cyclists and our hosts renewed our faith in humanity.

We rode between 50-100 miles per day almost always in the mountains. Carrying 2 large panniers and 2 small accommodated camping gear, 2 sets of biking and street clothes, tools, and food. We went through 6 innertubes, 2 tires, a rear wheel, and A LOT of coffee ☕

Lake Louise


As we rolled through the Northern Rockies near Banff, it took my breath away. The magnificent heights, glaciers, rivers and lakes were… I can’t describe their beauty and impact on me. But, I will tell you I believe that seeing them on a bike is THE way to experience these natural treasures. The pace and open 360 view and ability to stop at will is the way to do it.

If you go: Crater Lake, Moraine Lake, Mt. Robson, Mt. Yamnuska, and the caramel pecan roll at the bakery in Lake Louise Village should all be on your bucket list. Not to be missed: Larry from the Bronx (now in Butte Falls) grinds his own wholesome flour for some mega-hearty pancakes. I hope you can also find Keith at the non-existent tourist booth in Port Renfrew who will give you directions to the grove of 2,000-year-old cedars discovered in 2011, and the secret path to the tide pools on Botanical Beach as well as the tidal schedule. If you get lucky you’ll get picked up hitching a ride on Hwy. 20 out of Bend, OR by some young hippies in a 1970 Ford camper van who will deliver you safely (protected by shag carpeting on the dashboard in lieu of airbags and seat belts) to Hwy. 46 (the highway Emma rated ‘“infinity” on our scale of 1-10). Mary the public bus driver will “come back around” for you in Quincy, CA if the bike rack is full. Susan’s lattes, made carefully at her home in Calgary are better than any Starbucks, and her husband Paul will absolutely convince you to spend at least two weeks mountain biking in Utah after showing you his beautiful pictures.

Wishing you all happy trails ahead!
Bill and Emma Fisher

Joliet Bike Club 4th of July Invitational

Betty Bond celebrated Independence Day with a large group of riders at the Joliet Bike Club Invitation. Several other EBCers (That is you Jerry Ringier and Steve Levinthal) led rides of different distances. Betty reported, "Many thanks to Tom and Gary for the picture.   I'm sorry to say that not everyone in my group appears in this picture.  With so many going this way and that it was hard to keep them in one place..   I had a total of 32 riders....and what a fine group they were! Thanks for coming out on such a beautiful day.    Happy Independence Day!

Group pic at Joliet Bike Club Invitational

What a fine group they are ... Happy 4th of July!


Double Century - A Ride in the Country

To many of us, riding a century is a big deal. 100 miles takes a good chunk of time at whatever pace you ride. Most of us wouldn't even consider undertaking a double century. But there are some other EBCers who relish just such a challenge. Here are the 2017 challengers: Luis Esparza, Vince Gatto, Hollie Long, Jay Lumkes, Steve Omori, Eric Peterson, and Brian Swanson. As in past years, Eric Peterson was the ride organizer and leader.

Take a good look at the map. And then think about it.

Map Route

Eric's short report: "We had I think our biggest turnout yet (Saturday, July 1, 5:30 a.m.) with 12 riders on this crazy train, plus guest Rob Schaller who rode down from Algonquin and stayed with us until Hinckley. All riders finished safely although we did split into groups. Winds picked up a bit early so it was tough heading into Dixon but a sweet tailwind heading back. Good route, low traffic, and I think just one flat."

Now, here is Eric's full report:

I led the first double century in 2010. By my count this is the sixth such club ride (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - hey we have a streak going). The initial route has been improved to eliminate gravel and high-traffic sections. It offers a challenge for those who want to try a long self-supported one-day ride. In addition to the fitness level required to pedal for 12+ hours, the weather is usually a factor. 2017 was the biggest turnout to date with 12 riders (13 including Rob Schaller who joined us for part of the route).

Riders were assembling in a couple of different spots in the Naperville Casey's/Trader Joe's parking lot when my brother Sven and I showed up around 5:20 AM. The weather report called for temps in the high 60s to low 80s, sun/cloud mix, with light west winds picking up in the afternoon. Sunset was at 8:31 PM. I passed around the sign-in sheet and offered cue sheets to anyone that wanted them. We were ready to ride by 5:30 except for a couple of late arriving riders. They got signed in and twelve of us were rolling by 5:39 AM:

            • Dominick Chellino (guest)
            • Luis Esparza (EBC)
            • Vince Gatto (EBC)
            • Rich Gordon (guest)
            • Hollie Long (EBC)
            • Jay Lumkes (EBC)
            • Steve Omori (EBC)
            • Eric Peterson (EBC, NBC)
            • Sven Peterson (guest)
            • Rob Schaller (guest)
            • Killian Skaronea (guest)
            • Brian Swanson (EBC, NBC)
            • Rob Weiss (guest)

Naperville - St. Charles / Sycamore 45 miles, 5:39 AM to 8:27 AM It was a great morning as we cruised through Naperville, Warrenville, Fermilab, Batavia, and Geneva. We stuck together to the Walgreens on Peck road where we did a quick water / bathroom stop. Then it was on to Dean Street and some rollers on Burr. On this stretch the group split up. Rob Schaller (RobS) was riding over from Algonquin and we met him on Stevens. There was just a mild headwind as eight of us then stuck together at a pretty good clip all the way to Sycamore, where we stopped at the Marathon on IL-23. I got some water and loaded up a 2-hour bottle of Infinit. After a short break riders were ready to go and I told them to go ahead as I wanted to check on other riders who were not too far behind at that point. After waiting for a while in the shade, I checked my phone and saw that RobS had texted me from the bakery in IL-64 as he had skipped the Marathon and headed for the good stuff. Not long after that Hollie, Luis, and Rich showed up. I talked with them, checked that they were OK, and asked them to keep me up-to-date as to their riding status.

Sycamore - Oregon / Dixon 60 miles, 8:47 AM to 1:05 PM
No sign of Sven so I correctly assumed he too had by-passed the Marathon. My text to RobS asking if he had seen Sven got the response: "Who's Sven?". I took off solo with some mild rollers ahead and a west head-wind that was starting to pick up. I was pushing myself a bit now to catch up to riders ahead. I finally saw RobS's flashing red taillight in the distance, but that taillight can be seen for a mile or so. He was cruising and as my legs were starting to complain a bit I backed off the pace and rode alone to Oregon (mile 80), where I caught up with the other nine riders at 11:15. I was literally in and out of the BP in two minutes, just getting some water, and then we were off to Dixon. This is probably the nicest section of the ride. We stuck together for a while then some riders started pulling away and the group splintered on the hills just outside of Oregon. Between the hills and the increasing headwind, the pace started to drop for all of us. It was a relief to get to mile 99 and IL-26/US-52 where we turned to the southeast and a long slow descent into Dixon. When I got to Dixon I found the fast guys just placing their order at Subway so I wasn't too far behind. RobS was already at Wendy's, and RobW and Sven came in not too far behind me. I was pretty thirsty and drank a lot of root beer and polished off a 6" sub but could not finish my chips.

Dixon - Ashton / Hinckley 52 miles, 1:40 PM to 4:48 PM
By the time we were ready to leave Subway, RobS came by to ride with us, but there was no sign of Killian. Dixon had a street festival so we had a minor detour, but the nine of us were soon climbing out of the Rock River valley on IL-26, then riding the rollers through the Nachusa preserve. The group broke up again and the four lead riders made a wrong turn as the two Robs, Sven, and I went straight over to the stretch on IL-38 to Ashton (mile 120). I was cruising at 25 mph when I saw what looked like a motorcycle coming up behind me. It was Vince who must have been going 30+, he explained that they saw me keep going straight, figured out their mistake, and backtracked to catch up with us. We got into Ashton at 2:36 PM just as a freight train was going through town so good timing there. We stopped a Casey's and got some snacks and drinks. I got more water, a grape juice, and a V8 for later. I wasn't eating a whole lot today. People at Casey's were nice and interested in our ride. RobW got a cue sheet from me and was showing the route to a woman in a truck. A guy in a truck was recommending that we take Perry road, but as I explained to him Lee road has less traffic and not as flat and boring as Perry. We headed south out of Ashton down to Reynolds where we turned left and once again enjoyed the tail wind; then, after a short stretch on IL-251, it was onto Lee Road. The group had broke up once again with Dominick, Jay, Vince, Brian, and Steve setting a slightly faster pace. This was a long stretch with a couple of gradual rollers which broke up the monotony. Lee road also has some sections with a bit of shade which was nice. I took sips of my V8 as we rode along. We passed close to a wind farm, just missed getting caught by a freight train near the town of Lee, and crossed over Waterman Road which was completely impassable as it was all torn up - guess that's what the "road closed" signs I'd seen the week before were all about. I was riding with RobW when after a while we could see Steve's red jersey in the distance, RobW picked up his pace to catch up with him not too far out of Hinckley. The three of us then rode into Hinckley together, where I stopped for a delicious cold chocolate malt at an ice cream shop. We then caught up with the other riders at the BP station. RobS and Sven came in right behind us.

Hinckley - Yorkville / Naperville 43 miles, 5:07 PM to 7:54 PM
The BP has a small seating area and some of us sat down and took off our shoes, per past advice from Ray Dal Lago. I got a text from Rich that he, Luis, and Hollie were at Subway at 3:45 and were doing fine. I finished my malt, and the remaining V8, then we were ready for the last leg. RobS was headed north back to Algonquin so we said our goodbyes. The rest of us then started out at a good clip down to Galena Road. After we turned left I backed off the pace so as there were a couple of riders back. It was then RobW, Sven, and I on the remaining miles. We still had a pretty nice tailwind coming into Yorkville, where we stopped briefly for some more water. I ate a few Gatorade chews which hit the spot as I was getting a bit hungry now. We were now in the home stretch and pretty familiar territory for me and Rob. Sven is from Grayslake and was probably wondering if we were ever going to get to the end. We finally did of course, just before 8 PM, to find Steve putting his bike on his car. The other four were finished and gone. I was getting setup to take a selfie of we four and then Rick Cosaro drove up with a cooler full of cold beer. What a guy! He just happened to time it right for our completion of the ride. I finished off my leftover potato chips with the beer. After that Sven and I rode back to my house for some real food (miso soup with soba noodles and wontons, watermelon).

I heard later from Hollie that Killian dropped off the pack of riders at mile 90, about 10 miles out of Oregon. Not sure why we didn't see him in Oregon. According to Hollie he finished up solo around 11 PM. Hollie, Luis, and Rich finished up around midnight – they were prepared for this though by bringing lights, reflective gear, and riding together.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, I know that for some this was their longest ride to date. It's cool to see riders willing to test themselves and push to complete new goals. Congratulations to all riders with a 100% finish rate for a tough ride. Only mechanical I heard of was Luis’s flat in Yorkville.

Link to route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14521770

Link to my ride: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/15749790

Personally I met my goal with a 16.3 mph average, a daylight finish, and I kept stops to under two hours. I did a subpar job of eating/drinking though and dropped about nine pounds on the ride. I swore last time to ride a lighter bike but once again I rode on a heavier bike carrying lots of stuff, luckily, which no one needed.

Eric Peterson

Nifty Fifty - that is '5-oh'
Happy Birthday Pussanee!

The Beckers and Pussanee

Laura and Marty Becker wish birthday greetings to Pussanee (center).

The picture of the Beckers flanking Pussanee was taken at the July, 2017 pool party. George P. pointed out that the first pool party had 6 riders, while this one had 56 riders and over 70 people all told. The video below shows the 50-year-old flying down the hills out west. I think the expression is, 'You go, girl!'

Pussanee Flying down Deer Valley Mountain!

Happy Birthday Pussanee!

Amishland and Lakes, July 29, 2017
Sponsored by Michiana Bicycle Association

by Linnea M. Myers

Picnic Promo

l. to r. Sam, Sue, Betty, Cheri, Lynn.

I've wanted to ride Amishland and Lakes for several years and this year I joined five other EBCers in LaGrange, Indiana, to enjoy the beautiful farm country and hospitality of the Amish people. Lynn Korff, Betty Bond, Cheri O'Riordan, Sue Boose and I stayed at the Super 8 Motel and Sam Gunda and his wife stayed at a campsite in nearby Shipshewana. Lynn lead the six of us on a great 40-mile ride the day before the official Amishland ride. We stopped for lunch at a quaint cafe in Middlebury and then rode back to the motel for "happy hour" and a wonderful dinner at The Blue Gate in Shipshewana. And, of course, we had to stop for ice cream after dinner! Lots of laughs and fun amongst these EBC friends.

Enjoying a repast!

l. to r. Cheri, Sue, Betty, Lynn.

We woke up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, ate breakfast, picked up our packets and started the ride at 7:30 a.m. The six of us agreed on the 52-mile ride and we rode on mostly smooth, quiet roads where horse-drawn buggies are numerous and cars are few. The trotting horses are so beautiful and graceful as they pull the buggies. We smiled and waved to Amish families in the buggies and they waved back. We passed lovely homes with the wash hanging out to dry. The farms are well-kept with pastures of cows, horses, sheep, goats, poultry and fields of corn and soybeans. We watched working horses pulling equipment in the fields and everything was so peaceful and serene. The SAG stops were well-stocked with the usual foods, plus homemade cookies, blueberries, cherries and watermelon. Adorable Amish children sat in front of their homes selling iced tea and lemonade, homemade pastries, root beer floats and homemade soft pretzels. We stopped at most roadside stands and enjoyed talking with the children and sampling their goodies. Even after all the SAG stops and Amish goodies, we still indulged in the after-ride lunch of pulled-pork sandwiches, potato salad and more ice cream!

If you haven't experienced the Amishland and Lakes ride, you are really missing out on a fun time.

Lynn named the photo below "Clippity clop photo op". (It was very hard to take this picture without being noticed so I tried to hide behind the mailboxes.)

Horse drawn buggy

Clippity clop photo op


Betty enjoying her lemonade while young Amish boys
watch from the porch.

Meeting Minutes June

Board Meeting Minutes and Club Meeting Minutes from June 8, 2017 meetings were added to the July newsletter on July 31, 2017. You can easily get to that newsletter via this link: The July Newsletter, June Minutes.

Meeting Minutes July

Board Minutes
July 13, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Judy Mikesell, Kim Messina, Chuck Dean, Cindy Reedy

  1. President:
    • The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst.
    • EBC recently donated $100 each to Team Monarch -Granfondo - Michigan State University for Skin Cancer Research, Fight for Clean Air, and Bike MS. These EBC teams had more than 4 EBC members participating in each of these fundraising bike rides.
    • It was suggested by a club member that we should have signs made up that state “START SEEING BICYCLES.” At this time, pricing for these signs to give to club member for putting up in club member’s yards is being investigated. Questions we have are on cost and actual wording to be most effective.
    • The Board agreed to move forward with the new club jersey design with Voler.

  2. Vice President: no news

  3. Membership Coordinator: Currently there are 492 members.

  4. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 6/7/2017 – 7/13/2017): Total income: $705.00; Total Expenses $266.46; Total balance: $10,981.35

  5. Secretary: EBC Club Picnic will be on August 19 at Salt Creek Park in Elmhurst. Details will be posted on the ride schedule.

  6. Sponsorship: no news.

  7. Publicity: no report.

  8. The next Board meeting will be on Thursday, August 10, 2017, at 6:15 p.m. at The Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

EBC General Meeting Minutes
July 13, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Judy Mikesell, Kim Messina, Chuck Dean, Cindy Reedy

  1. President:
    • The General Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst.
    • EBC recently donated $100 each to Team Monarch -Granfondo - Michigan State University for Skin Cancer Research, Fight for Clean Air, and Bike MS. These EBC teams had more than 4 EBC members participating in each of these fundraising bike rides.

  2. Vice-president/Ride Captain: no news.

  3. Secretary Report: EBC 2017 Picnic will be August 19, at 11:30 a.m. Thanks to Betty Bond and Marge Ricke for volunteering to be Official Bean Bag Coordinators for the picnic tournament

  4. Membership Coordinator:
    • Total members: 492
    • Meeting attendance: 28 members
    • Door prize winners:
        + Thule 50% off certificates – Jerry Seiden, Bob Innocenzi
        + 7 Mile Cycles $25 gift certificate – Tom Preston
        + Donated Bike Jersey – Mike Struglinski

  5. Tonight’s refreshments: Kim Messina

  6. Refreshment Coordinators: Donna and Gary Busching.

  7. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 6/7/2017 – 7/13/2017): Total income: $705.00; Total Expenses $266.46; Total balance: $10,981.35.

  8. Awards and Club Attire: We are moving forward with the design for the new club jerseys. Susan Sperl will send out details in the next few weeks.

  9. Sponsorship: Remember to visit and shop at our club sponsors when needing bikes or accessories. 7 Mile Cycles, formerly Village Cycle Sport, located in Elk Grove Village is featured tonight with the $25 gift certificate drawing. Make a point to try and visit a different sponsor each time you are in need of bicycle related items.

  10. Advocacy Chair: none

  11. Sergeant at Arms: Sue Hickey. Send photos to her for entry into our new data base.

  12. Newsletter Editor: Chuck Dean: People like hearing of biking experiences, or articles of cycling interests. I encourage you to write and submit articles to the newsletter.

  13. Programs: Should members have any ideas for guest speakers or bike related topics to be presented at our meetings, please contact Vince Gatto

  14. Safety Chairman: The message tonight is brief: Remember you are in a high risk environment when you ride a bike. Pay attention and focus on the ride.

  15. Mountain Bike Coordinator:
    • Trails are perfect for riding. The Pastorino’s have scheduled their summertime mountain bike rides and pool parties dates will be: Jul 15 / Aug 27. All are invited, and there will be several rides of various speeds and mileages – to match everyone’s ability.
    • Beginner Mountain Bike Rides will be scheduled and there are bikes to borrow if you don’t have one.
    • CAMBR Palos Meltdown, their main fundraiser will be Aug 6, and volunteers are needed for this event. Please contact George if you are interested in helping.

  16. Website/Database Team: no news

  17. Announcements
    • Bob Innocenzi commented on an article in the New York Times which warns cyclists of air quality while riding their bikes and how it can affect their health.
    • Judy Mikesell stated that Koslow Cycles in Lombard, a former EBC sponsor, is going out of business and will be having good sales.

  18. Publicity: No news

  19. Tonight’s Program: Brandon from Thule, Camelback and Go pro is our featured speaker.

  20. The next meeting will be on Thursday, August 10, 2017, at 7:15 p.m. at The Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

Please submit articles and/or photos for the newsletter to Chuck Dean (cdean69033_aol.com). The deadline is the 25th of the month.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club Officers and Committee Chairs
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

Vice President/Ride Captain
Ken Hickey, 630.290.0006

Judy Mikesell, 630.833.1036

Kim Messina, 630.204.8945

Membership Coordinator
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Newsletter Editor
Chuck Dean, 630.790.4203
Bob Hoel

Bill Bonner, 630.297.9773

Vince Gatto, 630.832.2133

Mileage Coordinator
John Riordan, 630.833.8201

Sponsor Chair
Ginny Preston, 630.852.8836

Website Team
Volunteer Needed

Donna and Gary Busching, 630.967.4727

George Hardwidge, 312.656.6591

Sue Hickey, 630.627.4518

Assistant Ride Captain
Nancy Rice, 630.717.9923

Mountain Bike Coordinator
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

List Server
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Human Interest Person
Betty Bond, 630.932.0271

Interested in joining EBCMembership Application  (http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/about/membership.asp)

August, 2017   •   •   •   Club Rides

'Ride Schedule.' The most current ride schedule can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/currentRide.aspx.

'Future Rides' (typically out 30 or more days, if any exist) can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/futureRide.aspx.

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