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Bicycle Club of the Year.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club is the League of American Bicyclists' 2009 Bicycle Club
of the Year for Region 4.

Our President's Message

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Welcome to May everyone!

The temps will really be starting to warm and our riding attire will make a welcome transition to shorts and short sleeve jerseys; and after a colder spring, we can’t wait.

We had a couple of great community events in April: The Prairie Path Cleanup led by Marge Ricke, The Health Fair at Courts Plus led by Kim Messina, a really successful Bike Rodeo for kids led by Armaline Mirretti. And we also had several members working to build new mountain bike trails at Palos led by Pussanee Pastorino. I am so proud of the work this club does off the bike, thanks to all of you who gave back in April.

There are lots of outstanding riding opportunities coming up in May for EBC members. Here are just a few of them. The outstanding weekly Thursday night York Woods training loops will feature a recommended workout from USA triathlon and USA cycling coach David Polkow. Ken Hickey will lead the Ride of Silence on May 17th, which is a World-Wide Event to honor those injured or killed while biking. Memorial Day Weekend features The Horsey Hundred, a 2-day ride in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Don’t forget….EBC has World Class Hiking too! Judy Mikesell is leading a great hiking trip to the Appalachian Trail, May 4th through 8th. There will be 4 great hikes including an overnighter.

EBC will have more than 100 rides in May, so whatever type of riding you like to do…..road, trail, mountain, fast or slow, we will have something for you. Please come out and join us!

We are extremely excited to have Steve Buchtel from Big Marsh Bike Park as our featured speaker at our May 11, 2017, club meeting. He will tell us about this playground for cycling. Our meetings are at the Elmhurst Community Bank, 330 W. Butterfield Road, Elmhurst, IL (junction of Butterfield Road & Spring Road.) All members and guests are encouraged to attend to keep up with club happenings and to socialize with your fellow members.

I hope to see you on the road or trail in May…….riding at the speed of fun!

Bike Rodeo at Elmhurst Elementary School

by Armaline Mirretti

I always tell people I belong to the best bike club in the world and on Friday evening, April 28, you confirmed it once again to me.

The following members of the club joined me as volunteers for Lincoln Elementary School’s first bike rodeo: Betty Bond, Sue Boose, Donna and Gary Busching, Chuck Dean, Paul Dieterle, Janice Dorner, Karen Fitzgerald, Ken Hickey, Petra Hoffman, Kim Messina, Kelli Morgan, Ginny and Tom Preston. The group helped with bicycle helmet fittings, checking tires for air and filling them if they needed it, checking the brakes and seat height. We also assisted the Elmhurst Police to register bicycles. We had over 100 kids participate in the rodeo. The parents were very appreciative for our help.

The event included a DJ and a slow roll bike race. We distributed the link for the bike quiz and five safe bicycle routes from the Elmhurst Gazebo (Spring Road and the Prairie Path) to the two Elmhurst public pools, Elmhurst City Center, Elmhurst Public Library, and the Courts Plus. Thanks to Joanne Nicholson, Kelli Morgan and Kim Messina for helping me map out the routes. J & R Cycle donated bike bells for the winners of the slow roll bike race. They also offered a 10% discount coupon for maintenance work to any child who brought his or her bike to the rodeo if the bike needed more work than our club was providing that day. We had lots of fun and the time went by quickly. Below are some pictures from the event.

Pics from bike rodeo at Lincoln School in Elmhurst

Riding, Eating, and Volunteering
Illinois Prairie Path Cleanup

by Chuck D., George P., Petra H., Betty B., and Lynn K.
Pictures courtesy of George Pastorino

The title features three of EBC’s favorites activities. As editor, this story features the comments and posts from various EBCers who participated in the Illinois Prairie Path Cleanup held April 8, 2017 plus pictures by George Pastorino. I was there. What a good time we had!

George P. shared his thoughts: Thanks to Marge Ricke for organizing the Prairie Path cleanup today. We had 27 dedicated club members show up to give back to the community.

It's wonderful to see so many people willing to give up their Saturday riding time to help clean up the environment.

The Elmhurst Bike Club does more than just ride bicycles!

Petra offered: Thank you to long time member Marge Ricke. The cookies were to die for, too. Marge you're the best at putting together these sorts of events.

Betty seconds the motion: I concur !!! Marge Ricke is the greatest!! Thank you for getting us all together for such a good cause.

Lynn K. adds: I also agree. It was my first time to be able to do the cleanup, and had a good time. Thanks Marge and DQ was an added bonus. Thanks Ken for leading two rides after the cleanup.

IPP Signage

    IPP signage

EBCers Group Pic

EBCers turn out in large numbers. Thanks gang!

EBCers Group Pic

Working on the chain gang, those bags are full!

IPP Signage

Dairy Queens – the ladies and the desserts!

    IPP signage

More Dairy Queens!

Hiking Preparation and Bluebells

by Chuck Dean

Hikers in Morton Arb.

Happy Hikers after 11 miles!

Several hiking adventures along the Appalachian Trail are planned throughout this year. Dawn Maxwell or Judy Mikesell have scheduled these events. One is already about to happen early in May. Check out Upcoming Events.

Bill and Kären Schwartz have been leading hikes throughout April to get ready and have hardened, blister-proof feet. Kathy Wagner-Selbach also led a hike in the Morton Arboretum that conditioned the mind as well as the body by enjoying the bluebells near Crabapple Lake. While it wasn’t a hike, Lee Nye took us off on a stem near the Knoch Knolls bike path on a recent ride to see “peak” bluebells. It was such a sight that I came back with my wife later that day to enjoy the scenery one more time. There were waves of beauty on both sides of the paths and back into the woods.

Bluebells on both side of path=

Virginia Bluebells in Illinois! (photo by Marilyn Dean)

EBCers Group Pic

Tiny blossoms make a big impression!

In Memory

You may have heard the very sad news that fellow EBC member and friend, Chuck LaGreco passed away on Saturday, April 22, 2017. A memorial service will be held Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Johnson Funeral Home in Brookfield, Illinois.

Meeting Minutes April

Board Minutes
April 13, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Ken Hickey, Judy Mikesell, Shelly Hicks, Kim Messina, Chuck Dean, Kelli Morgan, Armaline Mirretti, Daryl Monge.

  1. President: Discussed spending of EBC’s money, when authorization is not needed for miscellaneous reasons (Stamps, cards, donation, under $50).

  2. Vice President:
    • Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 6 P.M., City Bikes is hosting a commuter biking event with the DuPage County Health Department called Life is a Cycle. Bensenville is one of the flagship communities across the US where these events are being held during National Bike Month 2017 to benefit the American Heart Association. It is anticipated that there will be around 150-200 total participants. This is a beginner-focused-ride and EBC has been asked to assist with Ride Leader positions. Ride Leaders are still needed.
    • A Natchez Trace ride is being planned for Sep 2 – 10, along with 3 Appalachian Trail Hiking trips.

  3. Membership Coordinator: Currently there are 427 members. The new EBC data base with Club Express is being worked on with good progress being made.

  4. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (3/9/2017 through 4/12/2017): Total income: $280.83; Total Expenses $2,874.80; Total balance: $10,733.56.

  5. Secretary: Several EBC events are confirmed for EBC 40th Anniversary Outreach:
      + April 28 – Lincoln School Rodeo;
      +June 7 – Elmhurst Library Bicycle presentation;
      +June 20 – Bike-to-work week at Elmhurst Metra Station (6:30 .am.-8:00 a.m.).
    Volunteers will be needed for all of these events. Publicity is being planned to promote these events to as many people as we can.

  6. Sponsorship: no news.

  7. Publicity: Kelli Morgan was given permission to set up an EBC public Facebook page. This would be an informative and publicity page where the community will have access to it; however any postings must be approved by one of the administrators: Kelli Morgan or Bill Bonner. This page will be used to promote cycling, helpful tips, and community cycling events.

  8. The next Board meeting will be on Thursday, May 11, 2017, at 6:15 p.m. at The Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

EBC General Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Ken Hickey, Shelly Hicks, Judy Mikesell, and Kim Messina

The General Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst.

  1. President:Last Saturday, EBC did the Prairie Path clean-up organized by Marge Ricke. There were 27 club members who cleaned a mile of the path, and afterwards, all were rewarded with a Dairy Queen treat.

  2. Vice-president/Ride Captain:
    • Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 6 p.m., City Bikes is hosting a commuter biking event with the DuPage County Health Department called Life is a Cycle. Bensenville is one of the flagship communities across the U.S. where these events are being held during National Bike Month (May) to benefit the American Heart Association. It is anticipated that there will be around 150-200 total participants. This is a beginner-focused ride and EBC has been asked to assist with Ride Leader positions. More ride leaders are needed. If you are interested in being a ride leader for Life is a Cycle 2017, please visit http://lifeisacycle.bike/liac-rlapp and complete the application.
    • Dawn Maxwell is planning a Natchez Trace ride for Sep 2 – 3, along with 3 Appalachian Trail Hiking trips at other times. Ken Hickey is also planning a weeklong Natchez Trace bike ride for Oct 16-26. Please see Upcoming Events or Future Rides on the EBC website for more information.

  3. Secretary Report: Several EBC events are confirmed for EBC 40th Anniversary Outreach:
       April 28 – Lincoln Elementary School Rodeo,
       Jun 7 – Elmhurst Library Bicycle presentation.
       Jun 20, 6:30am – 8:00am – Elmhurst Metra Station – Bike to Work Week.
    Please contact me if you would like to participate in these events.

  4. Membership Coordinator:
    • Total members: 427
    • Meeting attendance: 27 members Guests: 2
    • Door prize winners:
        + Dave Wilson - $25 Gift certificate – Prairie Path Cycles
        + Colleen Kirchoff – EBC socks
        + Nate Wrzesinski – CAMBR jersey
        + Mike Struglinski – Bike MS Chair
        + Ginny Preston – MS cycling vest
        + Julia Stare – MS coffee mug
        + Cheri O’Riordan – MS bike kit
        + Debbie Hickey – MS seat cover/glass

  5. Tonight’s Refreshments: Armaline Mirretti.

  6. Refreshment Coordinator: Donna and Gary Bushing

  7. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (3/9/2017 through 4/12/2017): Total income: $280.83; Total Expenses $2,874.80; Total balance: $10,733.56.

  8. Awards and Club Attire: Awards will be given out in May or June

  9. Sponsorship: Remember to visit and shop at our club sponsors when needing bikes or accessories. Items can be ordered online from their shops too, so give it a try.

  10. Advocacy Chair:
    • HB 1784 passed the Illinois House on April 4 and moves on the Senate. It:
        + Allows motorists to pass bicyclists in a no-passing zone;
        + Legalizes bicycling on road shoulders, but not require it, and;
        + Allows a rear red light in addition to or instead of a rear red reflector.
    • Ride Illinois sponsors a week long ride (formerly GITAP, now GIBT) from June 11 – 16. More detailed information is available at http://rideillinois.org/events/grandillinoisbiketour/
    • New road signs: stating give riders 3’ are going to be placed on narrow streets where there is little shoulder to ride on. If there are any particular roads that can benefit with one of these signs, please contact Bob Hoel.
    • Bike Safety Quiz is now being developed for commercial vehicles, which have been responsible for several cyclist fatalities this past year.

  11. Sargeant at Arms: Sue Hickey. Send photos to her for entry into our new data base.

  12. Newsletter Editor: Chuck Dean: People like hearing of biking experiences, or articles of cycling interests. I encourage you to write and submit articles to the newsletter.

  13. Programs: Should members have any ideas for guest speakers or bike related topics to be presented at our meetings, please contact Vince Gatto.

  14. Safety Chairman: no report.

  15. Mountain Bike Coordinator: No rides going on right now due to wet trails. The Pastorino’s have scheduled their summertime mountain bike rides and pool parties dates will be on Saturdays: Jun 24 / Jul 15 / Aug 26. All are invited, and there will be several rides of various speeds and mileages – to match everyone’s ability. Beginner Mountain Bike Rides will be scheduled and there are bikes to borrow if you don’t have one.

  16. Website/Database Team: With the assistance from Shelly Hicks, Judy Mikesell, and myself (John Riordan), a lot of progress has been made, preparing to transition to our new web host, Club Express.

  17. Announcements:
    • Nate Wrzesinski will be leaving to continue his education in Indiana, and thanked the club for giving him the opportunity to become a better athlete while riding with EBC.
    • Armaline Mirretti is planning 3 community rides to involve families on short rides within the community.Armaline, a League Certified Instructor, will be conducting the Bike Rodeo at Lincoln Elementary Grade School in Elmhurst on April 28. The Rodeo will cover the basics of bike riding and encourage everyone to take the Bicycle Safety Quiz.

  18. Publicity: Kelli Morgan is working on posters to be placed in coffee shops and bike shops that promote EBC. She is also setting up a public EBC Facebook page, to promote cycling, safe riding, and bike events. This Facebook page will be monitored by Kelli Morgan and Bill Bonner

  19. Tonight’s Program: For tonight’s program, we welcome Chad Denton with Garmin and Shannon Feeney with Bike MS.

  20. The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 11, 2017, at 7:15 p.m. at The Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

Please submit articles and/or photos for the newsletter to Chuck Dean (cdean69033_aol.com). The deadline is the 25th of the month.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club Officers and Committee Chairs
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

Vice President/Ride Captain
Ken Hickey, 630.290.0006

Judy Mikesell, 630.833.1036

Kim Messina, 630.204.8945

Membership Coordinator
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Newsletter Editor
Chuck Dean, 630.790.4203
Bob Hoel

Bill Bonner, 630.297.9773

Vince Gatto, 630.832.2133

Mileage Coordinator
John Riordan, 630.833.8201

Sponsor Chair
Ginny Preston, 630.852.8836

Website Team
Volunteer Needed

Donna and Gary Busching, 630.967.4727

George Hardwidge, 312.656.6591

Sue Hickey, 630.627.4518

Assistant Ride Captain
Nancy Rice, 630.717.9923

Mountain Bike Coordinator
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

List Server
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Human Interest Person
Betty Bond, 630.932.0271

Interested in joining EBCMembership Application  (http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/about/membership.asp)

May, 2017   •   •   •   Club Rides

'Ride Schedule.' The most current ride schedule can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/currentRide.aspx.

'Future Rides' (typically out 30 or more days, if any exist) can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/futureRide.aspx.

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