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Bicycle Club of the Year.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club is the League of American Bicyclists' 2009 Bicycle Club
of the Year for Region 4.

Our President's Message

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Wow! It’s February already and we have had an unusually warm and dry winter so I have seen many of you out on rides in January…….way to go. Motion is the Lotion.

This month our focus will be on getting our bikes ready, setting some goals, and thinking about which rides to join. Most of our EBC bike sponsors have a slow period during the beginning of the year. They're glad to have us bring in our bikes for tune-ups and general maintenance. A well-maintained bike is a safe bike to ride.

Now is a great time to think about your goals for this year. This could be the year to do your first metric century road ride, or a century road ride, or maybe your first mountain bike ride, gravel ride, or something else. Maybe you don't want any goals and prefer to ride for enjoyment. The EBC offers many rides and events for everyone. Our club offers rides throughout the Midwest, in different states, and Europe. We can all start thinking about which rides to join this year. Do you need a breakfast ride to get started in the morning, a night ride after work, a good pace line to keep you moving, a visit to Chicago, a ride with nature, or many other options the EBC offers?

The weather is still a little chilly. If you are not out riding your bike, don't forget we have other events to keep you busy and in shape for the spring cycling season. Get your bikes ready, and we look forward to seeing you on a ride. If you have some time, consider coming to our monthly meeting, the second Thursday of the month, 7:15 PM, at the Elmhurst Community Bank, 330 W. Butterfield Road, Elmhurst, IL (junction of Butterfield & Spring Road.) Everyone and guests are invited to attend our monthly EBC meetings. The next meeting is Thursday, March 9th.

Chicago Winter Bike Swap, Sunday, January 29, 2017, Harper College, Palatine, IL

by Tom Preston

Sunday was a gray day. I was pleased when Ginny said yes to my suggestion that we drive up to Palatine to walk around and look at bike stuff and maybe bump into some ever-sunny bicycle people we know. Just inside the door we met club member Linnea Myers, promoting the American Lung Association Fight for Air Ride.

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Then just a few steps away, club members Gary and Donna Busching promoting the Multiple Sclerosis Society Illinois Ride.

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We turned the corner and saw club sponsors Lorna and Bob Pecora from J & R Cycle & Ski in Villa Park.

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Not but a few minutes later we said hello to club sponsor Hal Honeyman of the Bike Rack in St. Charles.

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Back in the area of the Harper Gymnasium where there were rows and rows of bicycles for sale, we had a chance to talk with club sponsor Vince Boyer of Village CycleSport in Elk Grove Village.

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As we were walking back through the exhibitor booth area we saw two club sponsors talking to one another, Bob Pecora of
J & R Cycle and Ski in Villa Park and Ken Hartley of Hartley’s Cycle Shoppe in Hinsdale.

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We didn’t see any bicycle related stuff we needed to buy; but we sure did see the promise of sunny rides in the eyes and hearts of the bicycle people we talked to.

The Importance of Ride Leaders

by Chuck Dean

Vice president and Ride Captain Ken Hickey offered congratulations (as published earlier on the list server):

"Congratulations to the 2016 ride leaders, they are listed below in order of rides led. Ride Leaders are the backbone of the club and all members appreciate their dedication. Each of these top 20 Ride Leaders will receive a $50.00 Gift Certificate to the Club Sponsor of their choice. Ride Leaders below please contact me with the Sponsor you would like the card from and it will be mailed to you once they are purchased. If any Ride Leader declines the Award, the Board will donate the $50.00 to Project Mobility. It is our hope that all ride leaders accept the award, as they earned it. In the Interest of privacy we will not publish which ride leaders decided to decline the award. Once again Congratulations to all."

Seq.      Name      Rides Led
1      Schwartz, Bill      103
2      Shack, Nancy      100
3      Patel, Pravin      66
4      Pastorino, Pussanee      63
5      Hofmann, Petra      58
6      Wincentsen, Jeff      57
7      Richards, Ron      50
8      Coates, Bill      48
9      Loesch, John      48
10      Mirretti, Armaline      48
11      Gatto, Vincent      47
12      Hickey, Kenneth      45
13      Maxwell, Dawn      45
14      Dal Lago, Ray      44
15      LaGreco, Chuck      37
16      Mikesell, Judy      33
17      Samayoa, Isaac      33
18      Ortega, Baltimore      31
19      Hardwidge, George      29
20      Morgan, Kelli      29

In addition to the top 20, let's not forget another 66 club members who combined to lead over another 300 other rides or events. All of these people insured that the rest of us could always find a ride or event almost every day of the year.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Ride Leaders:

Alvino, Larry        Fisher, Bill        Peterson, Eric
Aycock, Richard        Gainer, Tracy        Piech, Dawn
Beardsley, Gary        Gentile, Chuck        Polkow, David
Bellino, Vince        Gilkerson, George        Preston, Tom
Bolan, Mary Jo        Gin, Edward        Reedy, Cindy
Bond, Betty        Gross, Jim        Rice, Nancy
Brown, Freda        Habegger, Loren        Ricke, Marge
Buckson, David        Hermach, George        Ringier, Jerry
Buffalo, Ruth        Innocenzi, Bob        Riordan, John
Coble, Homer        Josephs, Steve        Salvador, Laurel
Cooley, Laurie        Kari, David        Schatzeder, Tom
Cox, Jeff        Kiley, Karen        Sosa, Jose
Dean, Chuck        Korff, Lynn        Stanaway, John
DeZur, Joanne        Lloyd, Bruce        Sullivan, Terry
Diebold, Richard        Martin, Janet        Sward, Ted
Domeier, John        Messina, Kim        Szczesny, Annette
Dover, Ruth        Morawicz, Marion        Travis, Berton
Dunwell, David        Mouline, Karim        Visco, Jim
Dybala, Joanne        Naughton, Tom        Wagner-Selbach,Kathy
Esparaza, Luis        Nicholson, Joanne        Weckerle, Hans
Farrell, Riley        Pardon, Roger        Wrzesinski, Nate
Fekete, Gerry        Park, John        Wu, John

EBC's Website

by Chuck Dean

For several months already, it has registered with many of you that the club has initiated a process to migrate away from the wonderful traditional website to a new website from a company called Club Express. Let’s take a moment to briefly review both the “wonderful traditional website” and the anticipated Club Express replacement.

The Wonderful, Traditional Website: When I think of all the years that we have been served by our website, the EBC Home page and other pages, the web master (thank you Cindy and Sharon H. and others), the overlapping data bases (mileage on MS Access, and membership on MS Excel), the many volunteers who have contributed countless hours to the creation and administration of these data bases and sites (thank you Steve Josephs, Mary Maroney, Nancy Shack, Peter Gough, John Riordan, Cian Perez, Petra Hoffman, Susan Sperl, and a whole bunch of others I’m leaving out) --- well it is a wonder! Likewise, let’s not forget the more recent contributions of Jeff Gandy in getting us from the functional, but dated past, into a thoroughly more modern, SQL reliable functioning integrated data base environment. Thank you Jeff Gandy.

Our home page is a magic carpet to resources which have been built-up over the course of years. I recommend that you, from time-to-time, “surf” the EBC web. Pictures, safety tips, articles, the newsletter, schedules, useful links, and on and on …. The Awards page and Events page were recently updated. Take a look. As newsletter editor, I recently had to look for “memberships” data, and it was there, available to our administrators. Jeff Gandy anticipated our needs. Thanks again.

You can probably imagine the amount of work that will have to be expended as we progress into the Club Express new world. It is coming!

Club Express: The minutes in the newsletter going back into 2016 tell you that your club officers and others have studied and evaluated Club Express's suitability to provide club services and to satisfy the needs of our EBC community. Club Express software will provide a solid foundation for us as we move forward. I cannot yet really begin to tell you how our environment will change, but chances are, many of you have had to deal with ‘change management’ in your own environments at work, or in your home, or church. You already know that “change” is challenging. Kim mentions in the minutes below that John Riordan is working many of the issues in getting us set up to use Club Express. This will be a process that spans months, not weeks. But the job will get done. We will be thanking John many times in the future for his efforts. Stay tuned.

Waterfall Glen, Saturday, January 28, 2017

by Chuck Dean

Yes, below, that is the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve “cascade” on a recent cold Saturday morning. Tom Preston led a hearty band of boys and girls through their paces.

Waterfall Glen

The riders stopped to enjoy the scenic waterfall setting. But wait! There’s a new sign at the overlook.

Waterfall Glen sign

Who knew????

MaryEllen, in the middle, doesn’t even seem to mind that she has to stand next to the “Fat Cyclist” on her left.

Waterfall Glen Rich A.

Chuck, Tom, MaryEllen, Rich, and John

Waterfall Glen Group Picture.

Chuck, Ken, Herm, Bert, Tom, Luis, John R., Phil, Rich, and MaryEllen

Meeting Minutes January

Board Minutes
January 12, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Ken Hickey, Jeff Gunty, Judy Mikesell, Kim Messina, Chuck Dean, Shelly Hicks

  1. President: The Board discussed a budget for the 40th anniversary celebration events that are in the planning stages. There are no definite plans therefore it is too early to establish a budget.

  2. Vice President: Ride Leader awards will be given out to the to the top 20 ride leaders who lead the most rides in 2016. A motion was made and passed stating: if the ride leader does not want the $50 gift certificate from one of our EBC sponsors, they may donate their award value to Project Mobility.

  3. Membership Coordinator: Welcome Shelly Hicks, our new Membership Coordinator.

  4. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 12/8/2016 – 1/11/2017): Total income: $4,707.71; Total Expenses $2,121.45; Total balance: $14,080.64

  5. Secretary: First meeting of the EBC 40th Anniversary Committee met Jan 5 to discuss ideas for events to celebrate our 40 years of existence, to advocate for safe cycling, and to promote safe cycling. This meeting was an exploratory meeting to brainstorm possible events that EBC can participate in or create.

  6. The next Board meeting will be on Thursday, March 9, 2017, at 6:15 p.m. at The Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

EBC General Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2017

Present: George Pastorino, Ken Hickey, Judy Mikesell, Shelly Hicks, and Kim Messina

  1. President:
    • The General Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. at the Community Bank of Elmhurst.
    • Ride Leader awards will be given out to the to the top 20 ride leaders who lead the most rides in 2016. A motion was made and passed stating: if the ride leader does not want the $50 gift certificate from one of our EBC sponsors, they may donate their award value to Project Mobility. The list of the top 20 ride leaders will be coming out soon.
    • February club meeting will be cancelled due to the EBC Cross Country Ski Trip being in the same week.
    • This year is EBC’s 40th anniversary. If you are interested in being part of the planning committee, talk to Kim Messina

  2. Vice-president/Ride Captain: Thanks for continuing to post rides. Vince Gatto, EBC member rode over 8,000 miles in 2016. First time in 4 years someone has ridden over 8,000 miles

  3. Secretary Report: Several EBC members met last week to talk about events that EBC can do this year to celebrate 40 years as a club. The goal of these events is to celebrate, advocate for safe cycling, and encourage more people in our communities to ride their bikes. Some of the events we could possibly participate in are the Elmhurst St. Pat’s Parade or Memorial Day Parade, Courts Plus Health Fair, sponsoring a movie in the park – possibly Breaking Away – a bicycle movie, a table at The Bike to Work Week, establishing a Pop-Up Rest Stop along the Prairie Path, and a club party to celebrate our 40 years.

  4. Membership Coordinator:
    • Total Memberships – 235; Total members - 318
    • Meeting attendance: 26 members
    • Door prize winners:
          Mike Struglinski – The Bike Rack $25 gift certificate
          Vincie Gatto – EBC socks

  5. Tonight’s refreshments: Chuck Dean

  6. Refreshment Coordinator: Donna and Gary Busching

  7. Treasurer: Monthly Banking Summary (dated 12/8/2016 – 1/11/2017): Total Income: $4,707.71; Total Expenses $2,121.45; Total Balance: $14,080.64

  8. Awards and Club Attire: EBC socks are available for $6.00 per pair. A design for the new ride jersey has not been selected

  9. Sponsorship: Tom and Ginny have been busy signing up sponsors for 2017. So far 7 have renewed and we are still waiting for 3 others. Three of our sponsors were at our Christmas party this year. Bob and Lorna from J&R Cycles; Marilee and Mike from Prairie Path Cycles; and Ken Hartley, from Hartley’s Cycle Shoppe. Now is the time to take your bike in for a tune up before biking season starts up. Our sponsors have a lot of time now before the season and may be giving discounts for early tune ups.

  10. Advocacy Chair: On behalf of Active Transportation Alliance, EBC decorated a tree located within the Robert McCormick Museum in Cantigny. Tom Preston and Ken Hickey lead a group who decorated the tree, and also made another trip to Cantigny to take the tree down. The museum donated $2,500 to Active Trans for this effort. The museum donated an additional $2,500 for the “best” tree decorations, a prize won by The Wounded Warrior organization for their tree.

  11. Sergeant at Arms: Remember to turn on your Charity Miles APP while you ride or walk. Donations are made by sponsoring companies by the miles that are registered through the APP. For more details, see: charitymiles.org

  12. Newsletter Editor: People like hearing about biking and hiking experiences. I encourage you to write and submit articles to the newsletter.

  13. Programs: Should members have any ideas for guest speakers or bike related topics to be presented at our meetings, please contact Vince Gatto. For the March meeting, Mike Bentley, of Midwest Bicycle Rides, and The American Lung Association will be on the program

  14. Safety Chairman: No report.

  15. Mountain Bike Coordinator: Please review the EBC ride schedule for many Mountain Bike Rides being scheduled. Rides will continue to be listed as long as the trails remain frozen.

  16. Website/Database Team: John Riordan is in the process of working with ClubExpress, who will be our new web provider. Switching from our current website to a new website will be a gradual process in months to come. Notice will be given before the switch starts taking place and new procedures will be discussed when that time comes.

  17. Announcements:
    • Kelli Morgan will be leading an EBC Team for the Bike MS 2017 fund raiser which will be held June 10 – 11 in DeKalb, IL. The ride will be posted in the ride schedule.
    • Ken Hickey and Linea Meyers will be leading The American Lung Association Ride is June 9 – 11
    • There is another Appalachian Trail hike May 4 – 8. Tennessee and Virginia will be the destination. Please see the Ride Schedule / Future Rides for more details. This is a Dawn Maxwell/Judy Mikesell organized hike.

  18. Tonight’s Program: For tonight’s program, we welcome Craig, a representative from the BKool Company. He will talk and demonstrate the latest in smart trainers and show us all they have to offer. For more detail information, go to their website: www.bkool.com

  19. The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 9, 2017, at 7:15 p.m. at The Community Bank of Elmhurst.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Messina
Club Secretary

Please submit articles and/or photos for the newsletter to Chuck Dean (cdean69033_aol.com). The deadline is the 20th of the month.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club Officers and Committee Chairs
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

Vice President/Ride Captain
Ken Hickey, 630.290.0006

Judy Mikesell, 630.833.1036

Kim Messina, 630.204.8945

Membership Coordinator
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Newsletter Editor
Chuck Dean, 630.790.4203
Bob Hoel

Bill Bonner, 630.297.9773

Vince Gatto, 630.832.2133

Mileage Coordinator
John Riordan, 630.833.8201

Sponsor Chair
Ginny Preston, 630.852.8836

Website Team
Volunteer Needed

Donna and Gary Busching, 630.967.4727

George Hardwidge, 312.656.6591

Sue Hickey, 630.627.4518

Assistant Ride Captain
Nancy Rice, 630.717.9923

Mountain Bike Coordinator
George Pastorino, 708.903.8700

List Server
Shelly Hicks, 614.371.0040

Human Interest Person
Betty Bond, 630.932.0271

Interested in joining EBCMembership Application  (http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/about/membership.asp)

February, 2017   •   •   •   Club Rides

'Ride Schedule.' The most current ride schedule can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/currentRide.aspx.

'Future Rides' (typically out 30 or more days, if any exist) can be found on our website at http://www.elmhurstbicycling.org/rides/futureRide.aspx.

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