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Bicycle Club of the Year.

Elmhurst Bicycle Club is the League of American Bicyclists' 2009 Bicycle Club
of the Year for Region 4.

Our President's Message

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I want to wish every member a very Happy New Year and I sincerely wish you all the best in everything you do.

I hope everyone had a good year in 2016. The Board and I hope you have an even better 2017. The EBC was founded in 1977. We are celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year as one of the largest and most active cycling clubs in the Midwest. Last year was a great year for the 530+ members of the Elmhurst Bicycle Club. The Board and I plan to make this year even better. Our members logged about 270,000 miles, and we offered nearly 2,000 club events. This year we will continue to focus on safety and being more predictable riders. We plan to have a safety presentation at one of our monthly meetings this year, and I encourage everyone to attend. Later, I'll coordinate an outdoor safety class and ride. Our Road Rides continue to offer the most rides and miles. We will try to offer a new ride leader’s class and ride, to keep our road ride schedule full. The Mountain Bike Program will offer more rides for new and beginner riders. We will also lead exciting rides on trails throughout the Midwest, and continue to encourage more gravel, trail, and other rides. The EBC is a transparent organization and we welcome your ideas and suggestions. Every member and every idea is important.

Our Winter Program is in full swing, with many hikes, XC Skiing and snowshoe events. No matter what the weather, EBC has active events for you. Another great U.P. Ski trip is coming up in February and we have a winter hike trip in Indiana in January to look forward to.

Our club constitution states, "The purpose of this organization is to promote bicycling in all of its aspects." We will continue to reach out to the communities and let them know that EBC is part of Elmhurst and other towns. We will also continue to be an advocate for our club and all cyclists, and support safer roads and a more bicycle friendly country.

As President, I am very grateful to all our members for being so active and making EBC such an active and friendly place to be.

With your support, we can look to the future and keep the EBC one of the best cycling clubs in the Midwest. Please consider attending our monthly meetings and presentations. Enjoy your year by cycling more this year, and joining some of our other events. The EBC is a four season club offering rides and events all year. Ride safely, and don't forget our motto, "Riding at the Speed of Fun."

George Pastorino

" ... the stockings were hung at the Snuggery with care ...."

Photo sample Kim Messina did just an awesome job organizing our great Christmas Party (Thursday, December 8, 2016), please make sure you thank her when you see her. The Party rocked. Judy Mikesell also played a big role and deserves our gratitude.

Both of these ladies went above and beyond the call of duty....these parties for 125 people don't just materialize......it takes planning and organization. Thanks ladies....you rocked it.......again.


George Pastorino



Snuggery Party Picture

(not in order) Dave Wilson, Tom Preston, Marion Morawicz, Betty Bond, Laurie Cooley, Ginny Preston, Shelly Hicks

 Snuggery Party Picture

Check Presentation to Tania Sebastian, Executive Director, Ride Illinois

 Snuggery Party Picture

Hope Haberer, Dawn Maxwell, Roberta Rehor

Big News! Lakefront Trail Separation To Be Completed by 2018 Thanks To Private Donation

via Active Transportation Alliance

Pic of L. Michigan Bike trail in Chicago Megan Williams, who was seriously injured in a Lakefront Trail crash, called it the best Christmas present she could hope for when Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago Park District announced hedge fund manager Ken Griffin donated $12 million to the city to create separated paths for people biking and people on foot along the full length of Chicago’s Lakefront Trail.

The Mayor had announced in March that the trail would be widened and split into separate lanes on two of the most congested segments on the South and North Sides, while planning for separation on other segments. The city said Griffin’s donation will allow the Park District to complete separation along the full 18-mile trail in 2018.

Support our Lakefront Trail advocacy by making an end-of-year donation today.

This year’s progress comes after decades of trail advocacy by Active Trans and our community partners. Since 2014, Active Trans has been providing advice and recommendations to the Park District on how to ease congestion and conflicts on the trail, with a focus on creating separate trails.

Lakefront Trail congestion is one of the most common concerns we hear about, and the public overwhelmingly wants people on bikes and on foot to have separate trails. We cannot thank Mayor Emanuel, Mr. Griffin and Park District Commissioner Kelly enough for their leadership to achieve one of Active Trans’ top priorities.

Active Trans cannot fully evaluate the city’s plans as we have yet to see them in detail. We will continue to work with the city to ensure leaders effectively implement improvements and continue to upgrade trail infrastructure.

Donate to help us watchdog the Lakefront Trail separation project over the next two years.

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Club Membership Renewals Due By December 31st

Post-Christmas Breakfast at Butterfields in Lombard

by Mary Lee St.Aubin

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Oops, no ride, but breakfast ... and it's hard to pass up an EBC breakfast. If you were there, here's my message to you.

You jump started my heart this morning. As I looked around that long table I saw a friend in EVERY chair, someone whose life has touched mine, someone who has shared experiences that only we understand and remember, someone who makes me laugh and live and care just by looking at you. If you need a helping hand or moral support or friendship ... or a zany experience ... that table is the place to start.

How much fun to be (back) together. My brother once said to me, "You know what I like about those EBC folks? They're high on life." He hit the nail on the head.

Thanks for friendship. Happy New Year. See you on the road in the spring.

Mary Lee

PS If you've read this far, and you weren't at breakfast, we missed you.

(Comments below from Nancy Shack as also shared on the list server – ebc newsletter editor.)

Thanks so much to Mary Jo Bolan for organizing the breakfast at Butterfield's this morning. Quite a few folks came and very much enjoyed reconnecting with friends, especially those who have been away for months and even a year or more. I told Mary Jo that we should make this an annual tradition.

Here are just a few photos, some of which aren't great quality, but at least the subjects are discernible. Rather than identify each person in the photo, here are those who were there, although not all are in a picture:

Mary Jo Bolan, Betty Bond, Jerry Ringier, Mary Lee St. Aubin, Ruth Buffalo, Al Stanke, Roland Porter, Joanne Dybala, George and Sharon Hermach, Cheri O'Riordan, Gerry Fekete, Kathy Wagner-Selbach, Sue Booze, Carol Nield, Ted and Mary Ann Sward, Petra Hofmann, Dick Diebold, Freda Brown's daughter (sorry, don't know her name), and me. That's 21 people. Hope I didn't forget anyone!

Photo sample

Linnea Shares IPP Newsletter Mentioning Dick Diebold

The current IPP Newsletter has some interesting articles, but the best article concerns our very own Richard Diebold. The link below opens the Newsletter. ...Linnea


Illinois Prairie Path Newsletter Exerpt

A Snowy, Cold December

Many, but not all of December's events were outdoors in the snow. Snowshoeing, x-c skiing, and plenty of hiking enticed our club members. A couple of pictures:

Snowshoeing at Morton Arboretum

(l to r) Bill, K ären, Hope, Chuck, Dawn M., and Mike H.

More Snowshoeing

The Ravine is just the challenge they are looking for.

Winter Riding?

Look who I (Nancy S.) found in Florida! Ray and I have both joined the Sarasota Manatee Bicycle Club and we each did a ride this morning, not knowing that we'd meet up at the start. No surprise: Ray did the fast ride with the big boys and I stuck with sane people. We send greetings from Paradise, where the only snow shoes are crab shells that you find on the beach.

Meeting Minutes December
No meetings were held in December.
Happy New Year!

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