EBC and Google Groups

by C. Dean

A little more than a year ago, despite having been a member of the EBC since 1993 and despite having the same email address throughout that whole period of time (which was published in the club directory each year), I was not on the listserv. In retirement, as I was doing more club rides and socializing at the coffee shops during the ride breaks and hearing about all the emails fellow riders were receiving, I finally asked Susan S. to explain to me why I was not getting these emails. “Well, you’re not on the listserv.” Once she (she was the listserv administrator at that time) added my email address to the listserv, I started to see the emails that people were discussing. As many of you already know, you may be receiving 6 or 7 emails per day initiated by fellow EBC’ers and distributed via Google Groups. But, did you know that you can control how and if you get these emails? And did you know (do you remember) that you can see the emails (the ‘posts’) by reviewing them directly at the Google Groups web site even if you already are used to seeing the emails on your local email account (AOL, GMAIL, Comcast, etc.)? I suspect that most of us receive these club emails on whatever service we are used to using to get most (if not all) of our email. But you can go directly to the EBC Google Group, login, and review current and older emails. I bookmarked (save as a favorite) the address to make it easy to go directly to EBC Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/ElmhurstBicycleClub/?hl=en

Once on the Google website, there is quite a lot of information about the club and its email habits. You can see that it was May, 2008 that the club began to routinely use this service. 139 message/emails were posted that month. Average monthly volume in 2008 was a little less than 150 per month. In 2009 and 2010 respectively, the average monthly volume was approximately 200 and 215 messages per month. You can also see the members and their stats regarding their usage of the service. Our ride leaders – such as George P. , Larry G., or Jeff W. – are frequent posters, but so too are some of the administrative people such as the Ride Captain or mileage data base administrator.

Regarding the earlier first question, you can control how and if you receive the EBC GG emails by making choices directly on Google Groups. There are 4 choices: 1) ‘No emails’ (your email address stays on the listserv, you can see the messages by logging on to GoogleGroups, but no emails are sent to your email account); 2) ‘Abridged Email’ (EBC GG sends you one email per day – in the morning – that summarizes all the new messages that members have sent since your receipt of yesterday’s summarized abridged email. This summary includes the subject line and sender name of the poster; and it is ‘abridged’ because it only contains the first few words of the message. You can easily click on a ‘more’ link to see the rest of the message if you so desire.); 3) ‘Digest Email’ (EBC GG sends you one email per day – in the morning – and it includes the full text of all the messages that were posted since yesterday.); and, 4) ‘Email’ (EBC GG sends you an email with the text of the sender each time a sender posts a message. )

You can make these selections by clicking on ‘Edit my membership’ when you are on the Google EBC website.