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What’s All This List Server Stuff, Anyway?

Did you ever want to send a message to everyone in the bike club who wants to get bike club emails? Or would you like to be copied on all emails that go to that bike club group? Well, that's exactly what the mailing list server does.

A mailing list server is an automated system that accepts email messages sent to it and distributes those messages to all of the email addresses on its subscriber list. The EBC mailing list server helps keep members informed of the latest news, announcements and discussions. A message typically arrives a few minutes after it is posted.

The mailing list server is often referred to as "the list server" or "the listserv."

To Subscribe

When you become a new member of the Elmhurst Bicycle Club, the Membership Coordinator will subscribe you to the club's list server discussion group. You will immediately have posting privileges and you will start receiving messages in the Individual Email format (Option 4 described below).

If you are an existing member who is not subscribed, email the Membership Coordinator and request a subscription.

The club's group is a closed group for EBC members only. All subscriptions must be entered by a group manager.

Creating a Google Account (So I can view messages on the Web and change my options)

A group subscription is not the same as a Google account. When you join the club, you are given a group subscription that enables you to send and receive the club's Google Groups messages via email. A subscription alone does not enable you to view messages on the Google Groups web site or to change your subscription options yourself. To view messages on the web or to change your settings you must have a Google account in addition to your subscription.

To create your account, go to and click on "Sign In." Then, click on the "Create an account" button. Use the same email address as your EBC group subscription. Create a password and supply the other required information, click on Accept.

You will be sent a verification email. Click on the link given in the email to activate your new account. You will then be able to log in to your Google account and change your Elmhurst Bicycle Club group subscription options.

If you have trouble with this, or if you don't want to create a Google account, then email the Membership Coordinator to request your subscription changes.

Delivery Options (AKA, Yikes! Too much email!)

Google Groups has four options for managing the volume of mail you will receive:

1. No Email - This is what you want if you really hate email! You will have to read the messages on the web at

2. Abridged Email - No more than 1 email per day. This is just a summary of the day's activity.

3. Digest Email - Up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single email.

4. Email - You will be sent each message as it is posted. For those of us who really want to know right away what's going on!

To change your delivery option (you already created your Google Account, right?), log in to Google Groups, navigate to Elmhurst Bicycle Club "Edit my membership" page, and choose your option.

Message Sending Guidelines

Address messages to

All users must agree to abide by the terms in EBC List Server Acceptable Usage Guidelines..

When using the mailing list server, please observe proper etiquette:
  1. Limit your postings to club activities and subjects of interest to bicycling and bicyclists.

  2. Refrain from using attachments when you can use a link instead. If you must attach a photo, shrink it to a small file size. Shorten or delete lengthy quotes of earlier messages in the thread. Eliminate redundant material.

  3. Address the original poster instead of the entire group when your reply is not of general interest to the club.

  4. Use a meaningful subject line.

  5. Include your full name in the body of the message.

To Unsubscribe

Send a blank message to from your email address, or use the link given at the bottom of all messages.

To Change Your Email Address

Notify the Membership Coordinator at EBC list server director's email. Also indicate whether you want to change your email address in the club directory.

Want to Know More?

See this article from the newsletter.

Need Help?

Email the group manager at EBC list server director's email..

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