RE: Cycle Destination Information - User's Page

RE: Cycle Destination Information is a feature of EBC.  Members are invited to view resources or contact folks who list themselves as having information to share. Resources can be:

  • Books & Maps a member recommends. If the member's name is shown you may contact the member for more information. Use your membership directory for contact information.  In some cases they may be willing to lend the book or map.  In other cases they may be able to tell you where to get it or let your view it. 
  • Recommended links.  You can simply click on the link to view it.
  • Web pages members have created.  Similar to above click on the link and go there.
  • Places contacts are willing to talk to you about.
  • Things we didn't think of yet. 

I am happy to answer questions and accept suggestions about the RE:Cycle Destination Information section.  

Share and Enjoy!

Harold Lassers